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  1. Disagree on that being the only mistake. There were tons where our players were getting hacked but no cards or at times even free kicks were given. The one that stood out was when Morelos got kicked a couple of times but kept going and their player flung himself to the ground. A competent ref takes it back to the initial fouls on Morelos but this guy just gives the free kick against Morelos?!
  2. Arfield and Davis can't play together in midfield. There is no pace or intent from midfield at all. We're really missing the drive that Jack brings. Need to do much better in the second half. Would help if we ever manage to get a decent ref.
  3. He's still young and inexperienced so makes mistakes but he has so much potential. The shot he blocked in the second half was brilliant.
  4. He makes world class saves seem so routine... total legend!
  5. It's embarrassing how easily the referee is buying their play acting.
  6. Balogun is suspended and Patterson is not playing that badly.
  7. Best season ever... play badly and still drawing away from home in the Europa League last 16! Now score another in the second half and march on!
  8. Class from the players. Really wish the fans could be in the stadium to celebrate with them but celebrate at the gates will have to do for now!
  9. Don't want the game to end. Having too much fun watching them play this good.
  10. How as that not a yellow card for the foul on Wright?!
  11. I love how relaxed and confident all the players are... we're so close to winning the league and they're strolling to a win... nerves what's that!
  12. Is that on Hesgoal? I had to change to VIP because I couldn't take anymore of them!
  13. The team is playing their role perfectly so far. Let the parties continue!
  14. The way this season is going I fully expect us to win the Europa League now!!
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