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  1. The midfield were doing fine until Gerrard made the changes that stopped us from doing all the good things we were doing in the first half. Davis, Lundstram and Kamara never works as a midfield because you have too many similar players trying to do the same things. Having Aribo and Hagi dropping in their to make passes and get things moving forwards is when we play at our best. Creating chances was definitely not the issue today. It was Morelos being unable to take any of the simple chances we created for him.
  2. Morelos needs to be dropped and earn his way back into the team. He's become very complacent and hasn't shown anything all season to justify being our main forward.
  3. Poor substitutions haven't helped today. It was obvious that Morelos needed to be replaced. Tav was playing badly and the midfield and wide players were playing well, yet the guys doing well were replaced.
  4. Why take Aribo off? He's been playing really well...
  5. What a hit! This is what we needed from midfield, someone capable of shooting from distance!
  6. UEFA don't care about racism. They are motivated purely by money. If there was any long term financial benefit in punishing clubs and players, they would be all over it but they know clubs will appeal and it'll cost them more to fight an appeal than they can make from any fines they issue. Never expected any other decision from a corrupt organisation like UEFA.
  7. I actually think Kelly has looked pretty good. He's very good technically and was always looking to get on the ball. Slicker and Doig have been really poor. Don't think Slicker has looked capable of making a save and Doig looks really slow for this level.
  8. I thought he was very impressive. Did well defensively and always seemed ready to take on his player and get the ball in the box. He even had a decent effort on target blocked. Lots of things to work on but that can only happen by playing more. Tav needs to up his game if he wants to remain first pick. Might be the push he needs but Patterson is definitely showing more than Tav has this season.
  9. All this talk about them being down to 10 men and us only winning because of the red card ignores the fact it was a fully justified red card. It's not our fault they were throwing themselves into dangerous tackles. We won, Gerrard and the team deserve a lot of credit for that!
  10. This is the perfect time to bring Davis on. He can slow things down and keep possession. Nothing fancy required now.
  11. Yasss! Alfredo Morelos!! Apparently doesn't know how to head a ball!!!
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