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  1. 2nd deserved red card out of the 7 we’ve had (McCrorie being the other).
  2. Ufa away this season, big result, especially in the circumstances. Dundee in the quarter final in 2015, we played the best football we ever did under Warbuton that game.
  3. McWeedy

    Kit Use

    Someone did some research on the Premier League teams in 2017, results below: Interesting Everton wore their third kit 6 times but away only once. Premier League kit stats Club | Home kit | Away kit | Third kit Arsenal | 20 | 12 | 5 Bournemouth | 18 | 6 | 4 Burnley | 23 | 6 | 1 Chelsea | 25 | 4 | 2 Crystal Palace | 20 | 10 | - Everton | 21 | 1 | 6 Hull City | 27 | 4 | 2 Leicester City | 31 | 3 | 3 Liverpool | 25 | 3 | 6 Manchester City | 24 | 9 | 5 Manchester United | 33 | 3 | 5 Middlesbrough | 20 | 9 | - So
  4. McWeedy

    Kit Use

    We'll likely be wearing our white away kit in the final as it clashes least with Hearts Maroon shirt.
  5. McWeedy

    Kit Use

    Has anyone ever done some digging into how often we wear each kit? Would be interesting to see if we wear our away/third kits more or less frequently each season depending on their colour. So far this season we are: Blue Home - 13 White Away - 3 Orange Third - 2 Red Euro - 1 With the Orange kit just going on sale (belter which I’m getting anyway) it is likely it will only be worn once more this season vs Kilmarnock.
  6. It’s a tricky draw but we have a chance in all those ties. My big regret is that is that if we had the foresight to invest in a $2m flashing light show ahead of the games it would have made it significantly easier to get through the group. ?
  7. Since you've gone 25 years with the previous one you appreciate a long term investment. I like these: http://www.savile-rogue.com/scotland-premier-league-c3/Rangers-c174/savile-rogue-blue-red-and-white-superking-cashmere-football-scarf-in-the-colours-of-Rangers-p2634 Pricey but next level.
  8. Ajax, Chelsea, Arsenal, Stuttgart, Barcelona, Lyon, Hannover 96, Hapoel Tel Aviv, Osasuna, Fiorentina, Panathinaikos. 2006-2008 Loyal
  9. It’s time difference mate, being ahead of the UK we know what’s coming. ?
  10. We will be comfortably second, still believe we have a chance at Christmas but fall short in the new year. We will win a cup. We will not make the Europa league group stages but go out in the final qualifier to a good side and run them close. We will have at least an additional 2 new court cases against us and win them.
  11. You know it might...just might...be the moment it all turns round. “Let’s Go!” Love that.
  12. We are due against them. They’ll get cocky after the 2-3 and we will punish them. 1-0 Morelos to redeem himself. Then we do Kilmarnock in the final.
  13. Beasleys chopped off "offside" goal away to Aberdeen in 2008, raging
  14. I think we stand a better chance of progressing through the qualifying rounds by actually playing the first round. An extra couple of competitive games to allow the new players to gel and the team get back to full match fitness after the close season before a possible tricky tie in Q2 should help.
  15. Easy. Contract available to anyone to put in cash for transfers capped at 10m. Contract specifys that upon reaching champions league football, revenue from the competition is used to pay all investors double their investment. Figures can be adjusted for true nature of champions league windfall.
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