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  1. I don't know personally but can you not check the stadium plan on the ticket website?
  2. Don't see a problem personally did well the time he was at east fife as manager. I'm sure there would be no complaints if it was Brian Laudrup being linked, and they both have very similar coaching careers so far ie nothing for very long or at a high level.
  3. They recouped the entire £80m they spent on Ronaldo after around 6months from shirt sales alone, nevermind any other revenues streams generated from Ronaldo being there.
  4. They probably can its just that they have more clients than Rangers to produce kits for.
  5. All the more reason to get this mooted museum up and running so we can get everything on display
  6. Isn't it they are only team to qualify from group stages for 14 consecutive seasons? I'm sure it's to do with group stages rather than just getting into CL qualifiers
  7. Have a weekend camping ticket Thurs to Mon for sale.
  8. The way I see it is there was only one players betrayal that was worse than this Judas and that was Naismith after the years the club and fans stuck behind him through his injuries and he jumped ship as soon as he could get a decent pay day. I'll be honest in that in my mind all the so called Rangers men who jumped ship for nothing more than a couple extra digits in their signing on bonus are judases and none of them should ever be welcome back at Ibrox in any capacity.
  9. I stopped supporting Scotland a while ago, long before all this carry on. I just didn't see the point in it anymore, not liking a player and hoping they lose etc one week and then just because they are wearing a different top I'm supposed to support them? Just didn't make sense to me.
  10. He started off as a RB but the coaches wanted to switch him to CB last summer
  11. I see, as I said I'm sure you used to be able to, maybe with the short timescale this year they aren't doing it, I'm sure you could transfer to a seat not previously a season ticket holders. You could also renew your current ticket and then transfer after the renewal deadline.
  12. Pretty sure you can request a seat transfer during the renewal's, unless its changed this season.
  13. Pretty sure it was more to do with Wiktorski wanting to go back home than his ability
  14. That's what I think will happen, too much rumours in the press about SFA, SPL & SFL rushing through a merger and restructuring after the vote, I can see it now we get put down to div 3 a month later it's decided to have just 2 tiers.
  15. IMO Ljajjic has no one to blame but himself, Mihajlovic was very clear when he took over, asked the players to sign a contract with certain conditions, if any condition was broken you would not be selected again, until it could be proven that said player was capable of complying with the conditions. Ljajjic broke a condition, of a contract he signed, he was sent home, and will not be selected until he will comply with the conditions in the contract, simple as that. I don't see how a footballer breaching a contract is different to anyone else breaching a contract.
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