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  1. Fowler/Molinari finishes all square. Currently Eurpe 13 1/2 - 13 1/2 USA It's down to McDowell and Mahan.
  2. Don't play the game that often, but it's great fun when I do.
  3. This club has needed wingers for years, it's about time that was addressed!
  4. Because apparently we don't have to sell players. This is clearly a choice because the club are fearful he will walk away for nothing in a years time. Despite the fact that he said he wants to be here for life. I really can't see why we don't offer a one year contract extension, until we know where things are going. It will increase his value significantly, if nothing else, and if so desired, can be sold in the January transfer window. We have been lied to again and again. What happened about Walter's statement that he would be offered a new contract? If we were that fearful about players wal
  5. If DU are selling him for £900k, we'll probably start the bidding at £50k.
  6. He'll go on a season long loan to someone, so it is possible we could get him if we're interested.
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