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  1. Exactly mate, we cannot go through another summer of ten new signings and releasing or loaning out those that couldn’t cut it.
  2. Although it is very early doors, tonight will be a test for Gerrard and the players. We have won the first leg away from home 1-0, taking that back to an expectant Ibrox. Can the players cope with the expectation? How will they manage the game - go for the first goal or try and keep it tight? If the crowd gets a bit nervy, how do they react? As I said very early in his reign but tonight may give us an indication as to the mentality of this team.
  3. I haven’t compared Gerrard to Walter. I am comparing him to McCoist, McCall, Warburton, Caixinha and Murty.
  4. It isn’t fair for Gerrard to be compared to Walter and that’s not what I am doing, it is simply a question of whether or not he will be the best we have had since Walter left. As you and others say, well it isn’t actually going to take much to be the best since 2011. But you’re right in that he will need finance and that so much was wasted under Pedro.
  5. Apologies if there was some misunderstanding, he really doesn’t have much to improve on over the last 7 years. Very early days, and as was said in the article he’s only 1 game away from a crisis. He needs to be given time but you don’t get that at this club.
  6. https://www.theballroll.com/home/the-gerrard-reign-early-signs A look at the Gerrard reign at this very early stage. Some promising signs but still a long way to go.
  7. It's difficult to predict which starting XI Warburton will go with for this game. One thing is for sure and that's that the midfield of Halliday, Barton and Rossiter does not work. You have to go with 2 at most from those 3. I think Warburton will stick with Rossiter and Barton so that means Halliday drops to the bench. Given the impact that he had from the bench on Saturday I'd say that Krancjar will get the nod ahead of Halliday. The defence picks itself at the moment with no more centre halves being linked and Senderos still training but not signed. The front 3 is harder to pick; I'm not su
  8. I watched the majority of Celtic's 5-0 win against Motherwell the other week and McGhee's side, as expected, lay down to them. He changed his formation to a 5-4-1 with Johnson supporting McDonald when they rarely attacked. McGhee sacrificed one of his biggest attacking threats in Lionel Ainsworth and this allowed Celtic to dominate possession cause Motherwell countless problems. I'll be surprised if he sets his team up like this against us tomorrow. He will revert to the 4-3-3 and look to hit us on the break with their pace down the wings. When we faced them in July they tried to expose T
  9. Are we definitely in the game? People on Twitter are saying that EA have confirmed Rangers won't be in the game.
  10. When was the last time time a team were really shitting themselves coming to Ibrox? For far too long teams have come to Ibrox thinking they can get a result as they knew the team in blue weren't fit to be wearing the jersey. That is going to change this season. Teams will now come to Ibrox and try and keep the score down rather than thinking they have a chance of getting a result. We have a lot to sort out in defence, but this team will only get better in attack. I bet Peterhead are shitting it already.
  11. I think we will see another 3 or 4 signings before the window shuts. I am happy to see what Warburton and Weir can do with the players they inherited. You would hope they could get more out of the likes of Law, Shiels and even Templeton. They will have had a look at some of the youth players as well who hopefully feel like they have a chance to break into the team.
  12. He has had a lot of trouble with injuries since he left and as far as I'm aware he has only made 1 appearance on the bench and that was against Boro in the first leg of their playoff match.
  13. I remember reading somewhere when he signed last year that there was an extra year if we achieved promotion. If we do get promoted hopefully he doesn't take up that option.
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