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  1. Correct. Now they fear us.
  2. Sizing seems different on the orange training shirt re released today, I’m a large and all 3 kit shirts fit perfectly however large on the orange shirt is too big. I’ll try return it tomorrow and get a medium
  3. You’ll be waiting a long time..
  4. Sore yin to take especially straight after that Morelos chance... Still in the group though.
  5. I remember restarting after the break and I’m pretty sure big Cousin scored the 2nd within a few minutes of the second half. Couldn’t believe what I was seeing what a result it was. Scary how it was 12 years ago.
  6. WATPRFC1872.

    FIFA 20

    How do you get coins super fast in UT? I see folk with incredible squads already.. HOW (I’m new to Ultimate Team).
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