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  1. You’ll be waiting a long time..
  2. I’ll need to give this a listen when I get in sounds incredible 😄
  3. Must be a way we can listen to it..
  4. Can’t see it being fake as I got my shirt from the store, every away kit didn’t have a stitched badge but aye it’s strange. I was wondering why it wasn’t the same as the home top bought it regardless though.
  5. Had plenty on the Saturday and I arrived around 1pm, guessing they’ll get another delivery this week i think it’s Tuesdays though. Don’t think you’d have a problem getting one today though.
  6. Played it for a couple of days now I like it, not really played the classic multiplayer but the royale and zombie modes are good fun!
  7. I remember that one too was a belter.
  8. I used to love doing sigs, everyone had their own at one point. Here are a couple I made years ago.
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