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  1. Was alright with Dick Advocaat team. When he had to think for himself, that's when it all fell apart. Actually the story of his managerial career.
  2. After Neil Warnock gets appointed as our new chief football operations officer. It will probably be him.
  3. We tried this with the number 12. Didn't last long.
  4. Ally McCoist. Had a golden ticket to reinvent us and set us up for the next decade. Chose to repeat our past mistakes.
  5. We should be signing Craig Wighton from Dundee.
  6. Pressure! If he thinks he's under pressure now. Then maybe our club is not for him.
  7. Time will tell, but. Been told he's going at the end of the season.
  8. Pressley and Wilkins are ex-players. We need to get away from an British mentality towards football. We need a Continental approach. I'd like us to avoid every name mentioned above if Ally does get removed from his position.
  9. Ally has to go completely. His presence has become bigger than the club. We need a complete new start, no distractions.
  10. Anthony Hudson or Julen Lopetegui would be my shout. We need to think outside the box and give the job to somebody with something to prove and a philosophy in mind.
  11. Nail on head. Although I'd like to think, Ally would take a leaf out of PLG book (if we did decide to get rid) and waive any compensation fee.
  12. Think we're witnessing Arsene Wenger last season in the Premier League. Get your money on Roberto Martinez being his replacement.
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