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  1. Can admin merge this into the wrestling thread rapid
  2. Came to post this. Arguably klos over goram imo
  3. He's young and had a handful of appearances. He strolled that game today. He'll improve as he develops.
  4. Its because there isn't enough people playing that game mode with lower star teams. Pain in the arse and tbh it's another reason for me to stop playing it.
  5. Aye mate he might not have made every pass he attempted or chose the wrong option today but there was a few misses from his set up.
  6. His willingness to show for the ball was key tonight.
  7. Lots of positives tonight. Good minutes for some of the guys and they looked great. Appreciate the level they were against but nonetheless no complaints other than we could have had double figures 😂
  8. Strolling it. Involved in everything. Linking well with the mids and forwards. Best player on the park.
  9. He asked balogun to get all the players to send a line for the song. It's gonna be horrendous
  10. I heard it as withoot furadoo but also a fan of yours 😂
  11. Yeah. Was a fairly normal conversation albeit he was defending it and I was against it. Tried to go back on later that day and had been banned.
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