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  1. I thought killie chose not to put the youths out to get smashed
  2. Weve got the money there so I'll no be paying it off afterwards thankfully and have considered changing to something smaller but just gonna postpone it the now. If it still looks bleak middle of next year we may go smaller and try bring it forward again.
  3. Never 😂😂 Thats us almost confirmed to put the wedding back 12 months. First thing she said was she wants a honeymoon before and after 😂
  4. You are moaning though. Fan rivalry is always gonna result in giving or receiving attention from the rival. Why shouldn't our fans take an opportunity to get back at them? Hopefully there are many more opportunities to come and they keep doing it.
  5. They mocked their wee wind up attempt after a win. You just like to moan.
  6. We havent IMO. We have mocked them with this. The UB have played a blinder here. It is levels above what they attempted.
  7. If rescuing is the priority you should be open to any dog that matches with your circumstances. Unfortunately for most dog owners they see dogs as an accessory and want the right looking one.
  8. Dunno why they couldnt have got some English speaking Germans to do it 😂 instead they went with that pish
  9. Put that German thing on with the dubbing. Off after 5 mins with they accents. I'll try it again with German and subtitles
  10. Bluenoz with a 2 footed tackle above the knees
  11. Ah ok I always get the German breeds confused
  12. I love alsatians be a belter of a size when it's no a puppy 👍
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