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  1. I've reported him mate. He's got previous.
  2. Had to block him he was insufferable going on about his blue tick 😂
  3. Aye mate all for the same reason and probably choreographed.
  4. Unfortunately people will bite to his tweet and keep him relevant. It's always his rangers related tweets that get most engagement and get him trending.
  5. https://www.sportbible.com/football/news-reactions-legends-you-can-play-championship-manager-0102-with-todays-squads-20211012
  6. 15% off with your vaccine passport also
  7. Wouldn't waste your time mate I've now blocked and reported all anti vax posters
  8. We would need to cover the stand in a big tarpaulin to keep their germs in tho
  9. Purely accidental I'm here to help him from that monster Laudrup
  10. Not entirely sure what you're getting at here mate
  11. I've reported him also mate you didn't deserve that. I was absolutely stumped when I read his post. Hopefully he gets hooked.
  12. Wow. Are you for real? Mocking a guy who lost a hand to meningitis?
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