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  1. Teacher’s pet right here …. Enjoy. https://www.whufc.com/news/articles/2021/july/24-july/extended-highlights-celtic-2-6-west-ham-united
  2. It’s much better with Utilia. A more subtle logo.
  3. Watch this for style tips before swapping sizes 🤣
  4. Try it oan first, might fit. at least it won’t be too long on the sleeves
  5. This post aged well eh 😳🤪🤣
  6. They’ve just scored a 2nd but fuck me Spain are dull to watch these days
  7. It’s no’ braw but I don’t think it being and XXXXXXL helps. It’s like a fucking 4 man tent
  8. A wee bit of photoshop to ‘straighten’ it up a bit @EMRFC Looks much better IMO once the image was manipulated to a stand up position rather than the leaflet lying on a table .
  9. The Wales game ain’t the most entertaining so thought I’d do a wee sketch of John Greig.
  10. Bit of a left field entry. Thought I’d have a go at sketching Gerrard…tin hat on. In my defence, I’ve got post brain op facial palsy, a left eye that won’t shut and double vision 🤪
  11. It was benign so once the facial palsy settles I’ll be back to normal 👍🏻
  12. There’s the back and side of the head, should be enough proof for you
  13. Not expecting you to know that obviously .... you just got me on a bad day! soz :)
  14. Give it a fucking rest. I had neurosurgery a week ago to remove a large brain tumour, I’ve got double vision, one eye that doesn’t shut and half my face doesn’t move but aye, have a mump about a clip being in the wrong fucking section!,
  15. It’s CONCACAF but rather than starting it’s own thread I thought I’d drop it in here ... ffs :)
  16. FFS.... how is this even possible? 🤣🤣🤣
  17. North Macedonia’s football kit looks like It should be sponsored by Cillit Bang 🤣
  18. Cheers. I had my op a week ago today, got home on Sunday and have only been an paracetamol ever since I woke up In the intensive care unit. It’s fucking mad. If I didn’t have an eyelid that didn’t shut properly and temporary facial palsy I would honestly struggle to tell if I’d actually had 8 hours neurosurgery. its mental.
  19. Yep. With present day interviews with all the main parties to the drama tying up all the footage.
  20. He’s their manager .... I always thought he was a tit too but like the club itself this doc changed my opinion.
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