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  1. The more I see Bassey the more I think he should be first pick Centre half or left back. He’s got some turn of pace on him.
  2. Is Tom Miller right in the head? He’s just been banging on about the Magic Roundabout and felt the need to explain who Zebedee was whilst Hibs had entered our box with the ball. Either commentate on the game or shut the fuck up!
  3. Is the game on RTV tonight for those of as abroad 😉 I can’t seem to see it as an option
  4. The only player I’ve hated at Rangers was el hadji diouf. He was hopeless and a cunt too and he should never have pulled on a Rangers jersey. I not a big admirer of Morelos but I’ve never said I hated him, or anyone else for that matter (notwithstanding the above sentence). It was actually DBBTB who asked why/stated folk hated Morelos and then you mentioned posters being unable to hide their dislike for players. That’s why I asked you ‘why should folk not mention their dislike of a player?’. That’s all. For what it’s worth, I haven’t actually seen anyone actually state they hate Morelos on here.
  5. My post was questioning why we can’t dislike a player, not saying he wasn’t very good in the last match/month/etc. You mentioned another posters hatred of Morelos which made my wonder why it wasn’t ok to really dislike him. That’s all.
  6. It is. I’ve expressed my opinion on him and got pelted from the ‘love in’ crowd
  7. Poor cunt, not even on the national wage.
  8. Any reason why fans aren’t allowed to show dislike for a player and should hide the fact? Football is all about opinions. Not sure why expressing a negative opinion on Morelos is so frowned upon on here Over the years I’m sure we’ve all had certain players we couldn't stand. .
  9. No more embarrassing than spelling, say, ‘embarrassing’ wrong! :) Is Kyogo his first or second name tho’? I’m not sure to be honest. Japanese surnames used to come first, then they adopted a more Western approach, and they seem to have reverted back to surnames first. Lets just agree to call him ‘the diving cunt’ from this moment on :) https://www.economist.com/asia/2020/01/02/why-japanese-names-have-flipped
  10. Kyogo really needs to start wearing one of these in future games.
  11. The cunt has taken another sore one to the face. I’m starting to feel sorry for him. how does he cope?
  12. Johnny Hayes always reminds me of Andy Capp 🤣
  13. That wee Japanese cunt must have a skull like a patchwork quilt given the amount of savage blows he receives. That was another sore one by the looks of it….not! His kamikaze ancestors will be turning in their graves ….
  14. Tom Miller is chronic. 30 seconds before kick off and he’s wishing folk safe from the high winds 2 days ago. Eejit.
  15. That is a fantastic take on things and one I’ve not heard before regarding Gerrard. I find in my line of work it is much more enjoyable analysing and taking apart what has been proposed by others before me and coming up with a more efficient and/or appropriate solution. Perhaps Gerrard got bored having changed everything he could. Doesn’t justify leaving in the manner he did but it might ultimately prove the best for all parties.
  16. Notwithstanding the timing and speedy manner in which he left, I think most of us were probably more upset at losing the figurehead of Gerrard at Rangers, rather than the manager. He gave the club credibility when we were in a desperate state and drove up standards across the club. He was EXACTLY what we needed at the time. He delivered 55 and stopped 10IAR for which we are all truly thankful but let’s be honest, some of our League performances either side of last season were questionable and he was a baw hair from either getting punted or jacking it before lockdown.
  17. He got fouled last night but his first instinct was to get straight back up and win the ball, which he did before the whistle was eventually blown. superb attitude and could develop into a sensational defender if he gets the right coaching.
  18. “The feedback I’ve heard [from my sources] of Giovanni on the training ground along, with his assistant Roy Makaay, has been really impressive. It is great to hear. “It boosts the players. They’re maybe lacking a wee bit of belief at the moment with the sticky start to the season and losing in the cup. “It looks like a wee bit of confidence has gone there. “Giovanni, taking the coaching sessions, the training sessions, I’m hearing that the players were very, very impressed.”
  19. This was the big stand out to me. That and seeing Barisic ahead of the ball on several occasions and receiving a pass rather than ‘running’ onto the ball. Was good to watch.
  20. Either that or ensuring he’s not burnt his bridges
  21. Rather than bemoaning the fact Gerrard has gone surely the players must be revelling in the thought of playing in the manner we saw yesterday evening . It was like night and day compared to the rest of this season. Hopefully they’ll be fully invested in Gio now.
  22. I might be getting a bit carried away, but the way we played in spells tonight reminded me a wee bit of the game v PSV under Advocat. It felt like the players had their shackles removed. A lot more direct, hardly any aimless crosses flung into the box, and no tippy tappy pish trying to engineer a way into the box. Of course, all that might change against a defensive minded SPFL team but the early signs are certainly encouraging.
  23. Barisic popped up on the oppositions byline tonight, ahead of the ball! when was the last time that happened?
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