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  1. Apparently the deal was done around 2 weeks ago but held back until international break. We should have most things in place
  2. My problem was it did not recognise my password. I had to put in Rangers number then click on forget password, reset it to include capitals, numbers and special character. I then logged in again, and ticket now purchased. If your old password does not include the above, you may have to reset.
  3. Will try that and get back to you. Thanks
  4. Trying to buy my seat for Tuesday. Can’t work out how to do it. HELP!!! Can someone assist with the process. TIA
  5. Problem solved. Mate has subscribed for Premier Sports. Put the TV at the back door and we sit in the garden to watch it 🇬🇧🇬🇧
  6. Not sure he will be allowed access to the stadium
  7. Think that’s the best plan 😂
  8. Thanks for this. Looking at it now. Not technology savvy. How does it work on my existing system?
  9. Don’t have Premier Sports but need it for Sunday. Provider is Virgin. What is the process to get Premier Sports for Sunday. Advice appreciated
  10. Saw that earlier and made me smile. Obviously a good fit 😀
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