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  1. You got a spare ticket mate?
  2. Looking for one as well if anyone has a spare.
  3. Thanks for the memories Ally, good decision. The greatest ever Ranger IMO. "Your loyalty and sacrifice will never be forgotten".
  4. Anyone who believes McCoist is only at Rangers for the money, or that he would ever deliberately harm the club is an absolute fool, and wants to have a good look at themselves. The personal abuse has to stop. Ally McCoist has done more for Rangers than any of the imposters spouting this pish. You have no place at Ibrox with that timmy mentality.
  5. I'm not debating the credentials of the boycott, i'm saying people are failing to understand that the motivation for the boycott isn't a hatred for Rangers.
  6. I didn't mean you were calling me a tim, apologies if it came across like that. I was just making the general point that people calling those who choose to boycott tims or sons of stein etc as has happened many times in this thread, are being close minded and have the wrong idea about why Rangers fans are choosing to stay away.
  7. There's been plenty of it in this thread, was just making a general point.
  8. Me personally? No. I go to as many games as I can, and have my ticket for St.Johnstone.
  9. They are trying to use the power that we as fans have to get this cancerous board out of our club. If you honestly think people are boycotting because they hate Rangers then there isn't any point even debating this, you're simply wrong.
  10. You genuinely think these people who were at Ibrox so regularly before now suddenly hate the club and are deliberately trying to harm it long term? They just believe that long term financial stability at Rangers is vital, and the only way to do that is to starve the scum that run our club at the moment of cash so they have no option but to bail, in hope that someone better will take over and move the club forward. Such a ridiculous mentality to be so close minded that you accuse anyone who doesn't agree with you of being tims.
  11. All of you calling them Sons of stein, saying they're as bad as tims etc. are embarrassing. The fact is these people are Rangers fans, and just because they have a different view on what is best for the club, doesn't mean they love the club any less than you do.
  12. We'll probably see the same team as the weekend, but i'd probably go Robinson Faure McGregor McCulloch Wallace Aird Macleod Law Templeton Boyd Clark Rangers 4-0 East Fife, Templeton, Boyd, Clark, McGregor.
  13. Won the treble with Rangers in FM 2012 (?), won the league at the San Saville and beat them in both finals at Hampden. Perfect domestic season.
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