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  1. Can't believe it I'm in the photo with my mum embarrassed or what!
  2. That's the kind of comment that makes me want a bearettes section the voice of a good strong woman is what's needed
  3. All for it and I would love to see a special section for bearettes too. I would gladly help out too (along with my mum she s the brains of the family) but I would still come on here as well enjoy the banter, I do not read any newspapers or tv stations that talk about the pish SPL! WATP
  4. Stopped reading/listening weeks ago only come on here or Rangers own website to hear the news the more you listen to those bampots the more they spout there vile IGNORE them they would be out of a job without Rangers and be bored as hell and they bloody know it I would also ban them all from Ibrox!
  5. I have just been told my uncle has terminal cancer when I went out to visit him the first thing he said was "as long as I live long enough to see the Gers back in Europe I'll be happy" I'm still crying thinking about it let's hope he gets his wish even being told such devastating news the Rangers are still what keeps us bears/bearettes going WATP. I also would like to thank him he took my mum to her first Rangers game and it's been in her blood ever since and as soon as I was old enough I was taken too Ibrox too both my mum and I are season ticket holders so hugs and kisses uncle Dan
  6. Refused to give Davie Cooper a kiss (I was only 14 months old at the time) my mum has never forgiven me.
  7. I've told you Liewell stay away from Lennon he's mine. xx Oh don't worry I like them about 30 years younger
  8. If you had to ask Ally I'm sure he would be delighted to have it named after his great friend and fellow legend the one and only Davie Cooper
  9. If SFA had done there job properly when CW bought the club last year rangers would not be in this mess now they want to murder us
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