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  1. I remember nothing about this thread even though I posted in it quite a few times.
  2. People seem to use it when they're attempting to be funny or being sarcastic. What does this one mean?
  3. I dont think it means anything really. It's all subjective. I take it to mean someone is being a grunting moron.
  4. Donnie Brasco is pretty under-rated. As is Badlands and The Thin Red Line.
  5. The ending of The Deer Hunter is just strange as well, pretentious in fact. When they all stand around and sing God Bless America. Probably one of the most over-rated films of all time.
  6. I too am a apologist for the Brando mumble - but in Apocalypse Now he became a parody of himself. The production in Apocalyspe Now was shambolic (Have you seen the Making Of? filmed by Copolla's wife, it's an achievment that anything was produced) but Brando turning up comically overwieght without having read the book or, apparently, his lines didn't help. I see what you mean about the voice recordings. Only an actor of Brando's stature could have achieved that, I only wish he had turned up to the set prepared and in-shape for the scenes he actually appeared in.
  7. But, every scene he appears in he fills it with barely coherent mumbling and flab. The nature of the film (and the book) dictates that kurtz is a more powerful figure when he's not in the scene. Any actor could have achieved that. When he appears it becomes pretty hard to believe that he would become such a God like figure to the natives when he can barely construct a sentence.
  8. Who claims he turned in his best performance in Apocalypse Now?? Anyway, I agree with the rest of your post.
  9. You are a legend. I'm halfway through a nice bottle of Lagavulin.
  10. It's Walters team - He has more than some input. Judge McCoist on what he does next year when he's in total control.
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