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  1. Spare me. I'm not saying either are beyond criticism, that would be ridiculous. Adults should be able to criticise without a character assassination though.
  2. Rangers TV will have a free stream and we are working to provide a separate one on YouTube.
  3. No, but then again I never said they did. I said they seem to hate him.
  4. Yeah helpful, thanks for that unbiased contribution. Big Lee is one of the more popular members of the squad, I hardly think the opinion that he's an over-the-hill money grubber who only TUPE'd over because no-one else would have him would have many fans - sensible or otherwise - nodding in agreement.
  5. People seem to really hate Jig for some reason. I think he's no more than an honest trier who always gives a hundred per cent, but he seems to always get slated by a very vocal group regardless of how he actually plays. It's happened since he joined he club, died down a bit the last few but seems to have returned again.
  6. What's all this about? If you don't rate him as a footballer then fair enough but why the need for a character assassination? We heavily criticise those who left now we're calling into question the motives for those who stayed?
  7. I see. Playing favourites can't be very healthy for squad dynamics. Everybody oot.
  8. So all the players in the squad who are between 21 and 28 are...what? Persona non grata?
  9. Does that mean only some of the players are Ally's pals. I thought he was everybody's pal
  10. I may be some sort of weirdo but I still enjoy the match day experience, there's not much more pleasurable than going to fitba with your mates. If I went purely on the expectation of being entertained and value for money, I would have only been to about a dozen games in my life.
  11. If Jig drops out then who are people going to fixate on?
  12. I don't see how it could possibly go wrong.
  13. I really can't take people seriously when they pretend to know what individual players are paid.
  14. He's justified his inclusion the last two years but this will be a season too far - and I've never rated him in midfield anyway although I don't think he's as terrible as people make out, as I say I'm going to wait and see if he's a permanent fixture in the starting line up before crying about it. There's always one player who people seem to focus all their negativity on and Jig is an easy target.
  15. Rangers fans from Edinburgh must be doubly raging.
  16. I'm going to wait and see how we line up in the first 3 games, I'm not really one to get all raging about something which may or may not happen.
  17. Seems weird but everyone was more excited about Basile Boli, who signed at the same time. Laudrup was an afterthought. That lasted until we seen both of them play.
  18. I was at his league debut against Motherwell, everyone was more excited about Basile Boli before the game who signed at the same time - Laudrup was just an afterthought. Complete opposite after the game, Laudrup's run for Duncan Ferguson's winner was magnificent. What a player.
  19. It's hardly valuable game time. It will almost certainly be Law and Black in centre mid and they've just had an entire season to forge a partnership - whether you agree they did or not is immaterial as it is unlikely that a few pre-season games are going to change that. I'm not even going to respond to the last point.
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