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  1. must've been late tae the party brother, i already posted this
  2. he'll be driving the bus back with big Goldson's kit on
  3. who's the baldy guy? anyone know?
  4. could've just put every single cunt who's not a Rangers fan GIRFUY
  5. wish there was sound on it
  6. this buffering is dain ma fuckin tits in!!!! anybody else stream just constantly buffering?
  7. can't be null and void now we played more games than last year when they got it gave to them
  8. win it asap and play Patterson, Zungu and Bassey against them just for the reaction of they cunts
  9. think he's rightly sayin we were making a sub and that the other keeper has been doing it all game but in a slightly more aggressive way
  10. think it's just for Romanian tv mate
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