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  1. dbyst


    we all know the reason it wasn't
  2. the retro top this year is the same
  3. some obsessed cunt sending letters maybe??
  4. george burley and craig levein probably
  5. thank fuck now get livi tae fuck next year tae
  6. 'wisnae even a good achievement'
  7. just went to read it but have to subscribe, first paragraph you can read obvious what the cunts agenda is.
  8. it's not on terrestrial t.v these days anyway
  9. yes that is exactly what i said if he has no problem with his nephew going there then he might not have a problem going himself!!
  10. some ppl just don't like it if there's criticism of Barry fs!! he literally said he wouldn't be bothered if it meant successful career, you think he wouldn't want the same for himself?
  11. Barry said himself he wouldn't mind his nephew going there if it meant he had a successful career, all i said was he might think the same for his own career
  12. what's your problem with what i said?
  13. he did say he wouldn't mind if his nephew went there so maybe he would
  14. i think he means we are now seen as thugs, scum and second class citizens in our own fuckin country, all because we support Rangers and are proud to be British
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