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  1. £13.5m is nothing though in the EPL. Prices, for anybody under 30, start at £10m down there. That is just the going rate. £10m is the new £1m
  2. England are a top side at the moment. Different type of England side from the individually better team they had 10-15yrs ago, but unlike the golden generation England had, this side is one filled with players who are square pegs for square holes and can play as a team. They do lack a cutting edge player though. That said, football seems to have fewer stand out, match winning, players than it did 15-20yrs ago. I think with modern coaching, the bar between good and outstanding has blurred making it far harder for outstanding to stand out.
  3. Much as I cannot say that I wanted England to win............. Folk up here setting fireworks off to celebrate them losing is fucking tragic banter.
  4. Penalty decision was footballs equivelant of umpires call. If the ref didn't initially give it, I think he stays with no penalty as there isn't enough in it to overturn it either way. Sterling was clearly looking for it, but...... who wouldn't be?
  5. I think that is what annoys me. I've spent most of my adult life working out of England. Nobody in England really gives a fuck about Scotland as a football team, infact - dare I say - most probably are happy if we do well. It is unrequited hatred up here. That said...... do I want to see them win.....
  6. Only watched the home nations. Not seen any other games, but has the tournament been that bad? England have been pretty turgid to watch.
  7. England win...... we have nats heading like lemmings to the Erskine bridge. England lose...... oh dear, how sad. Pretty much win, win from where I'm sitting.
  8. Griffiths is a waster who happened to be decent at football. Certainly isn't deserving of the talent he had, nor made the most of it either.
  9. Which is a shit result.
  10. With rain forecast for the next week.... you question the wisdom of the world test championship final being a 1 off test rather than a series. Who wins if it is, in all likelihood, a draw?
  11. Having the camera zoom in to show your reaction to your husband being potentially dead is inexcusable and classless. I know the BBC are not responsible for that, but the public broadcast should absolutely not be showing an intensely personal moment like that on TV.
  12. As soon as it became apparent, ie, after 2 minutes it was clear it was very very serious - that should be cut to the studio. Zooming in on his wife (or sister) was absolutely scandalous TV.
  13. He might well work out for them - but there are a lot of red flags with Postecoglu. I don't think he will be their Pedro, who was an utterly bizarre appointment for us - but agree completely he doesn't seem to be what they need at the moment. As a Rangers fan obviously I'm not disappointed with that, but blue tinted specs off - Celtic really don't need a left field risky appointment at this point in time and it seems to be bizarre that they've headhunted him as their plan B for when Howe fell through. Appointing a guy who's only European footballing experience, both as a player and
  14. Plus we don't (usually) have a GB football team for the Olympics - so it really doesn't mean so much here. The attitude in Scotland, and indeed the UK in general, is not the norm when it comes to international football.
  15. I doubt I will even watch the tournament.
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