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  1. He won't be in the job by the weekend
  2. I lived there. There are lots of things that are against the law there (homosexuality, displaying non Islamic symbols (ie wearing a crucifix), sex outside marriage, prostitution, etc) Realistically in resorts the law isn't applied, and many things are overlooked outside of them. There is a fair degree of common sense applied 99.99% of the time. The odd case where a cop goes full mental and prosecutes somebody gets headlines every few years, but it's very rare (and nearly always results in a pardon). If you were taking pictures of Muslim women, against their consent, in a largely
  3. I love how there is some sort of underlying implication that the nationalist SNP government are somehow...... pro Rangers and getting involved for that reason. Understandable I guess. Afterall, our stands are notoriously filled with Union Jack waving SNP supporters. Of course, being a catholic from Northern Ireland, I wouldn't expect Neil to understand these political nuances.
  4. I read a short transcript of this on one of my group chats and thought it was a spoof twitter account taking the piss. All I can say is...... wow. Just..... wow. The lack of self awareness...... after a week and a bit to think about it... ........ Just...... wow.
  5. You have to question why Peter Lawell is on £70k a week.
  6. India definitely come away with a lot of credit, been dogged. Although questions need asked why so many muscular injuries on a tour?
  7. Extraordinary to think Sri Lanka have a potential road to victory in this.
  8. I worked with a Tamil Indian and Sri Lankan who knew a load about cricket (indeed the Indian guy had top domestic level experience and is still at 40 odd playing in the UAE domestic league). Both were so critical of the politics and administration of Sri Lankan cricket, which both said developmentally varied between being incompetant and mental. The biggest holding the country back.
  9. Slightly annoyed at how ridiculously bad Sri Lanka were yesterday having spoiled the test match. England showing today that wicket isn't particularly hard to score off (as yet) and barring a monumental fuck up - which tbf..... its England - have breezed this.
  10. If a pretty average test level spinner like Dom Bess is taking a 5fer off you on day 1 of a test match - and taking a 5fer without even playing particularly well, then..... you have to say that it hasn't been a good day with the bat. 4 or 5 of those dismissals today were gift wrapped and given to England. Really poor batting and unlike England, Sri Lanka should be test sharp! England will steam roll them in this series.
  11. Sri Lanka are not a good test side.
  12. We've been guilty of what has been, at times, extraordinary incompetence over the last decade but I look at this Dubai trip and struggle to think of such a willful bit of entirely avoidable self sabotage as what Celtic have done here. Negligible sporting benefit, completely out of touch with supporters, then...... despite already controversialy being there, pool pics and bar pics surface. Things changed - a lot - between mid November and the end of December. It is absolutely astounding they still thought it was a good idea to go. Quite literally every other major club realised this.
  13. Ewan Henderson meets the specifications and breed standards for the common tarrier. A fine example.
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