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  1. Starting XI v Starting XI. We might be better now player for player and it shows with saying Edouard, McGregor and Christie are the only 3 I'd definitely take, with a few border lines in there too. I still think they've a wee bit more quality in depth than us though although that perception may change when signings hit the ground properly.
  2. At least controversy about our kit man is based on an entirely fictional event....
  3. Completely different era and time. However Clark's racing record speaks volumes, its outstanding across multiple formats and formulae. Very much an under appreciated Scottish sportsman. He was probably the best in the world (across all motorsport) at the time of his his death, something few Scots have achieved in a mainstream sport.
  4. I do a bit of motorsport, and it sort of hit home when deciding what to personalise my race suit with a few years ago. I opted for just my name, rather than put a country flag beside it (as is traditional in motorsport) - I'd rather not be judged (and..... I would have used a Saltire). Even something as primal as swiping on bloody Tinder, you see a hell of a lot of profiles saying 'No yoons and no Tories'.
  5. Genuinely, very much so. I think the political situation up here makes it hard to get behind the team as the Nationalist movement really has hi-jacked the football side - but oddly not the rugby where I don't think politics matter really. I think what happened in 2012 just further compounds that feeling of disillusionment about the national team. I no longer think you could go to a Scotland football match and be known as a no voting Rangers fan and be made to feel welcome. Honestly, I would like to be Scottish again. I would love to get back to a time where everything relating
  6. I'm not even sure that penalties will give the Scotland game a meaningful shot on goal.
  7. Regardless how the result pans out Scotland are utter turgid.
  8. Outwith isn't actually a proper English word though (it may have been added to the dictionary in recent years). Very much a West of Scotland term. A few years ago I was writing documentation down south, and whilst it is an every day word for me, people peer checking my work were curious about my use of it.
  9. Something doesn't sit right with making 55 staff redundant, when you've just signed a player for £45m.
  10. Seems if you want to win games, send unwell people to the oppositions training ground to cough.
  11. Standard practice these days for a job application to be at least 8 hours work. I've finished this for today, but probably going to end up putting about 15-16 hours into it.
  12. He lives in my cupboard - not cushy.... but was a gift from grandpa when I was like 5... He saved up jam jar lids for it. I'm applying for a job. Been at it since yesterday. Been about 10hrs work so far, although almost finished.
  13. Yes. It's not cheap but the quality is generally good. Spaten is the only one I've found hit and miss tbh. My sister has her own garden pub type thing, so they got one at the start of lockdown. I've been buying stuff as have they. (sister essentially lives next door)
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