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  1. Only if selected. Czechs won't select a player who is potentially banned for the duration of their tournament - he isn't that important to them.
  2. Admittedly he is going to miss - at 34 - what will likely be his only chance to play in a major tournament.
  3. 10 games is the maximum ban UEFA can hand out AFAIK.
  4. UEFA seem to make it up as they go along. It was a poor challenge, deserved the red card - but absolutely accidental and his eyes never came off the ball - it was a ball that was there to win and if the timing is slightly different it isn't even a foul. Although leading with the foot was always risky and a poor decision, but it is easy to say when you've some time to think and see 5 different angles. If Roofe led with his head, we likely get a penalty and it's the keeper getting yellow carded. I expect from now on any poor challenge that leads to an injury where a player has to leave
  5. That era was the best player for player Rangers sides of my lifetime. Different era though and the game has changed so much in terms of money and player distribution. You just look at the likes of Porrini, a guy who was arguably one of the lesser players in that team. Just look at his record as a player before signing for us - and a time when Serie A was the best league in Europe.
  6. I like Frampton. Classy in defeat and no excuses. The reality is though, at 34 he is at the natural end of his career for his style of boxing. Couple that with it has been clear for a few years his heart isn't totally in it anymore either. He can easily have a decent career in punditry if he chooses. Herring is nothing special, but by virtue of height and being southpaw - will give something to think about for anyone in the division.
  7. Between Kamara and Barasic, if both were to go I'd be expecting - at least - £35m in fees between them.... and I don't think either would be expensive in the market at that. Hagi is a harder one to judge because as said earlier his style of play tends to develop later in the career. You'd be signing potential, but he has the star quality.
  8. Whilst he has been off the ball. He is one of the few game changers we have. Doesn't do it often enough but he has a match winning pass/turn/goal in his locker. He is still very young for the type of player he is, whom usually don't peak until later in their careers, I mean at 22 he could be 10yrs away from his peak! Other thing about him, like Kent, he tends to take the full time attention of at least 1 opposition player. So contributes plenty without the ball.
  9. Refs done us no favours tonight but it is what it is. Can't really complain about the red cards, but his performance has been a bit...... This Slavia team are definitely under rated. Although quite beatable, I wouldn't bet against them against anyone either. They deserve the win tbh.
  10. As fine a save as I've seen, absolutely as good as a goal. To still have the reactions he has at 39 is incredible. He was never a technical keeper like a Van Der Sar, as they tend to be able to play for longer. It's like a poachers instinct in a striker, you just can't teach a goalkeeper how to make saves like that. His interview sort of alludes to that, he hasnt really consciously thought about it, it just happened. He makes big saves at big moments, and as a Rangers keeper it's what you need to be doing. A match winner!
  11. The Europa league is a harder tournament to win in 2021, than the UEFA Cup was in 2008. Out of the 2 squads I'd take GK - McGregor (08 version) RB - Hutton CB - Goldson CB - Cuellar LB - Barasic CM - Davis (08 Version) CM - Kamara CM - Ferguson WF - Aribo CF - Morelos WF - Kent With in reserve. S1 - McGregor (21 version) S2 - Tavernier S3 - Weir S4 - Helander S5 - Papac S6 - Thomson S7 - Davis (21 version) S8 - Hemdani S9 - Cousin S10 - Novo S11 - Darcheville
  12. There we are. Been a long decade. Order is restored.
  13. You're right, it isn't his fault. It is more an indictment of Englands lack of depth with spin bowlers. He is still young by spin bowling standards and may improve, but I've now watched him bowl in 20 odd test innings now and he is a fair bit short of being good enough for test level. As for India, been impressed with their depth between this test and the one in Australia.
  14. Bess should be nowhere near test cricket for a team like England.
  15. Certainly a bat heavy side with Pope, Lawrence and Foakes in at 6, 7 & 8! 6 specialist batsmen, a wicket keeper and an all rounder. Although you can see why India haven't lost a home series in nearly a decade, as strong a side as they are. They are by far the best of the subcontinent sides and..... only a subcontinent side will beat them on these pitches.
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