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  1. I canny find a link to listen live online or am i being a total fud?
  2. which phone in is the best to listen to tonight?
  3. It looks more like Hitler than WS
  4. I’ll post the pics etc tomorrow. We normally go out every tues somewhere in Glasgow. I totally forgot about the place at Ibrox so i am sure this wont be the last time
  5. Thanks. My uncle is 89 and can’t wait. He’s still as sharp as a tac and a right blue nose. Canny wait now actually
  6. http://www.rangers.co.uk/page/restaurantindex/0,,5,00.html
  7. We are deffo going. Should we book for the 4 of us for lunch on a tuesday gents?
  8. Thanks mate. We’ll be going for the lunch probs
  9. Is there a lift up to it as i think we are going to morrow and my uncle can’t handle stairs Cheers
  10. People need to get rid of this “48 hour” bollocks. That’s media talk, don’t pay any attention to it.
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