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  1. They only questioned 6 SPHell clubs so 17% = 1 club of the 6. I wonder which club that was?
  2. The points deduction will not effect us really, as we will have no european football for three years anyway. Most likely we will still finish second anyway. And there is always the chance we could claw a 10 point deduction back and beat the taigs to the top of the table. Changing the voting stucture may hurt us, but it would hurt celtic more and that is the carrot that most club chairman would find hard to resist. Out of those sanctions the apology would be the one that would stick in my throat most. I think we could manage a one year embargo, (blooding young players is what we have wanted
  3. Lets not forget that the offide rule did not exist as we know it and the defence was often matched by 4 strikers so more goals were bound to conceded.
  4. They have been playing that tune whenever we played them for a few seasons now.
  5. I agree, Weiss would have been kicked all over the park today and would have been out for 6 months
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