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  1. Kent closely followed by Candeias for me. I couldn't believe Arfield was named MOM.
  2. Sack that cunt Pedro now and punt this bunch of gutless losers in the summer. Worst performance by any rangers team at Ibrox I have ever witnessed.
  3. And so he fucking should be. Progress was been made under Murty, but under Pedro we have regressed massively. Even Warburton was better than Pedro and thats not saying a lot.
  4. Pedro is bloody clueless. He should never have been appointed in the first place (hes done fa in his career). Get him to fuck now before we waste another bloody season. Put Murty back in charge until the end of the season.
  5. Is there any rangers pubs in alicante that will be showing the game?
  6. Very strange decision indeed. We could have got some sort of fee for our player of the year whilst also ensuring he doesnt end up at hibs. Additionally we are now short of cover in the center and also at right back. If we were just going to dump him he could have been used in the offer for Scott Allen.
  7. I think some people are getting carried away with the score line. We only had one exceptional half against hibs. Several other performances like that and I will be over the moon. I'll go for a 2-1 scoreline.
  8. I was getting a bit worried in the first half, but jeeze what a performance with some terrific goals.
  9. One worry from todays game was the performance of Wes Foderingham. Looks very suspect with the ball at his feet.
  10. Superb lineup although there's a large unknown quantity with the new guys. Nice to see Mckay back in the line up (always though he showed great potential). I know its not very PC but I hope theres a few hefty challenges coming Lafferties way (Turncoat bas****).
  11. Not a single rangers victory amongst them..
  12. Any team with Mols upfront. He was outstanding at the last sevens I seen (several years ago). Actually he was that good I though he could have given us a turn in 3rd division.
  13. I would have liked to see at least one or two of the following players been targeted\signed: Allen (would be my main priority) Vuckic Macleod Cifci May None of the above would have cost more that 1-1.5 mil. Additionally they are all in their early 20's or younger, so there would have been a great chance to sell them on for a substantial profit in a couple of years time.
  14. If he's Davie Weir Mk II that will be good enough for me.
  15. Erwin should have been punished, not just for the push but also the attempted knee/kick that he carried out on Moshni, whist Moshni was been attacked by two of his Motherwell teammates. No mention has been made of this.
  16. So this is a list that will lay out the 10 most successful football clubs to grace Europe, based on trophies won (not including any minor/regional trophies). 10. Bayern Munich – 62 trophies Bottom of this list is no other than Bayern Munich. I was extremely surprised to see Germany’s most successful club bottom of this list, I would have expected them to be further up, but considering the dominance of Borussia Dortmund/Borussia Monchengladbach/Hamburg at various points throughout German footballing history, it doesn’t seem to surprise me THAT much. However, I digress. Bayern still hold
  17. STEWART ROBERTSON has been appointed the new managing director of Rangers. WELCOME TO IBROX: Stewart Robertson has accepted the role of managing director at Rangers The former Motherwell director and club secretary stepped down at Fir Park earlier this year following Les Hutchinson's takeover and has been targeted by the Ibrox board as the man to take control of day-to-day affairs. http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/football/former-motherwell-secretary-stewart-robertson-to-take-over-as-managing-director-of-ra.129136289?
  18. Evans stating "batter them, batter them", referring to rangers over the two legs. Well Moshni certainly battered him
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