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  1. Struggling to get out of 2.undesliga but still top as thing stand, hopefully they can keep hold of it and get back up!
  2. Del


    Based on what? You only need to look at our record in the biggest games, games that for the most part Gerrard doesnt select Katic. I struggle to think of any games where has been very good defensively, but that doesnt mean he had a bad game, so I cant really argue that at the moment, but cant seriously think that Katic is as good on the ball as Goldson and Helander?
  3. Del


    I mean, you have said that he has shown he can do it in Europe yet when it comes to the games that matter, Gerrard doesnt play him. He played 2 games in the Europa League proper last season, the 1-1 draw against Young Boys where he was poor and then the home game against Braga where again he was poor, so much so that he got dropped for the away game and Edmundson thrown in ahead of him. He also only play 90odd "top flight games" which at 24 isnt great in my opinion and even if Balgoun does leave in the summer, we would look to bring someone else in ahead of him for me.
  4. Del


    Katic is getting better week by week on here! He is nowhere Goldson and Helander either defensively or with the ball. I think Balgoun is just as good a defender as the other 2 but not quite as good with the ball and even then he is still better than Katic. He is a very physical defender but is very raw at the same time. As I said earlier, if something had to happen to any of the other 3, we would need to bring someone else in as Katic isnt at the level of those 3.
  5. Del


    That sums up my opinion of him quite well to be honest, although I also think he lacks quite a lot with the ball, compared to the other CBs we have!
  6. Del


    Nae shit sherlock...shut the forum down boys and girls because thankfully only Gerrard's opinion matters, no point giving an opinion...
  7. Del


    I love the big man but is nowhere near our best CB, potentially or otherwise! He often gets caught out positionally and for someone so good in the air attacking set pieces, seems to get caught under the ball a lot in open play, its something thats always concerned me about him. He is still 24 and has a lot of time to improve but if we lose Balgoun, Helander or god forbid Goldson, we would really need to look at bringing someone in to replace them.
  8. This is it for me! Im not against rotation but last night we should have had our strongest team out, flying from kick off to get into the semi final, then if we get a lead, make changes. It’s another chance for a trophy gone and it’s not good enough, I wouid much rather we had rotated against Motherwell and made sure of the result tonight. We are desperate for silverware and as a team it would be a massive step forward to where we want to be! This just feeds the already fat monkey on our back!
  9. I agree to an extent, Bassey has a poor game, but I’m not against rotation. The decision to rotate so many against Lech paid off as we had players hungry to play there way into then team. For me though, tonight wasn’t the place to make unnecessary changes! Most people will say now, “it’s the league that matters” but surely we should have been going into this game as a must win. It’s almost as if people, the manager and players as well, expected us to just turn up and beat a poor St Mirren team but with that lot out of the cup this is a HUGE chance missed. Imagine the boost
  10. Someone has probably already asked this but are these over 1 leg again or is it 2?
  11. I am not sure how he fulfilled his evening but he was at a party, a few days after an old firm defeat... Which according to you is a big no no and all ex managers and ex players said never happened... Idiot!
  12. Well the next time your out in town (Glasgow), im not sure how old you are actually, but if you ever go to a karaoke bar or if there is a jukebox or a band playing, ask them to put PA on. Ive been out many a time and tried to come up with ways to sing songs that have add ons (big bad bigot) and been told no as its a "Rangers Song" in fact there is loads that I've been told we arent allowed to sing/play...STB, PA, Sweet Caroline, I think we're alone now, Let it be... Although the last one is because we just sung Stevie G rather than let it be 😄
  13. The debate was never whether or not it was a celtic song though, it was whether or not it was a rebel song, for me there is clear difference! People asked how context was important and I gave exampled of how context should be relevant, but I am not having that STB/PA arent Rangers songs... Maybe in other parts of the world but I am pretty sure that anyone with an interest in Scottish football would class them both as Rangers songs.
  14. Cause you're a fucking half wit thats why!! " Every ex-player and manager I’ve ever heard has said that you don’t go out the week after an old firm defeat." I actually met Walter Smith and his wife a few days after we lost at Ibrox (the Samara's pk one) they were out for dinner celebrating a friends birthday, how does that fit into your theory?
  15. I am aware of that, I had hoped it would help the half wits on here to understand the fact that the manager has literally left the country to get away from it all i.e lie low. I've no idea how the fuck the Oscars have came into the discussion, there's a little bit of a difference between attending a beach bar and joining in with a band that are playing, and attending on of the most showbiz/publicised events on the planet. Had it not been for one of 2 people giddy on their phones, noone would have been any the wiser that he was there...again laying low...but you keep dreaming about Ge
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