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  1. where were the cameras? it looked like sitting in the back row on tv.
  2. in all my time here 20 year i have still tu see a celtic top.
  3. nacho,s goal in the cup final after just coming on.
  4. seems he was doing comments on an international and asked to comment ,he was silent and said he was so long away he couldnt remember the langnuage
  5. shown the door for too much carry on ,got injured after a a wet towel incident a souness incident.
  6. he was helping coach the youngsters when he got the push during the whyte /green time.
  7. puskas scored lafe on in first leg at ibrox,they were too good for us but scot symon pushed on some youngsters in the bernabaulost heavily .
  8. surely the worst was celtic sick jersey?
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