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  1. brown finlay thornton young cox mccoll rae woodburn duncanson.and of course tiger shaw
  2. always remember that gable end it had a window low down you could see tyhe curtain move .
  3. try best ever scots only.. goram jardine caldow greig woodburn forsyth baxter henderson stein mccoist cooper or best ever home grown talent that skould keep you busy.
  4. dont mind them with beards were they not into big moustaches?
  5. john g got a cut on his face andcould,nt shave and the beard appeared back then the players had to be clean shven and john seem to break the mould.
  6. i think it first came out at 1960 c.w/final against fiorentina ,for some reason the 72 final they seem to use it in training
  7. same style of player,strong bustling type,billy was 2 nd choice for thornton mainly but the team got shufled about when a vacancy happenedi think billy would prob be 1st.
  8. not till 2032 at the earliest so we can relax now
  9. burns would be proud of that little verse.
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