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  1. what an insult to spastics ,the people have a condition for life trough no fault of their own,stewart was,nt born with his.
  2. sammy cox against kilmarnock 2/1 down at half time finished 3/2 up.
  3. viking festival is on in Largs this week wonder if he will do a guest apearence?
  4. well they got the name right and the price and date.
  5. the only one i dont recognise is 4 from right?
  6. m.m casual trousers eric caldow could sharpen pencils on his,great picture.
  7. well we have got the big building on the front near vikingar,theres always a funerasl coming out .
  8. from the centre gers attacked down the right foul to Rangers mclean free kick finds d.j. and it has teaken 48 secs . to right this down.
  9. in a town of something like 12k population its not bad % wise
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