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  1. if you had the chance to go home to her or go to afgan..which would you take?
  2. read in the paper today juventus are opening a new stadium and to remember the fans who died at hysell they having the seats marked with names ,i think thats a top idea some one suggested leaving say 66 seats at ibrox empty for one game round about the time of the disaster any thoughts.
  3. sure it was before squad no,s so he played in the one he was given.
  4. except big bert k.the scandanaviens are o.k.laudrup person kia johanson and some more.
  5. i dont rate him but at least the boy has done something we just dream about ,he,s due respect at least.one of us.
  6. cant go on flo.konterman as greatest ever players.
  7. 1960/64 no doubt.i saw 1950,s side ,it was more about power play than polish but v.g side.dick advocatt early side were pretty good
  8. i wont forget the penalty.when the ref pointed at the spot he was surounded by purple shirts and it took about 5 mins. to get the kick taken,the keeper ran strait at caldow and eric had to try and shoot wider but,too wide it should have been retaken but the ref had had enough bottled it and gave a goal kick.if i remember was doug baillie not at no.9 for jimmy millar? he was 9 at wolves game. .
  9. love the history of the club,i was lucky enough to visit clydesdale cricket club last year and it appears the are related to the old clydesdale football club we played in a cup game in the early years. there seems to be old pics some where at the club but i never saw them but it might be worth a visit.
  10. loved the way they tried to copy our white goalkeepers outfit..
  11. Sky Sports News In a way, I'm trying to put myself in his shoes. Algeria don't get to the World Cup every day. If only he'd actually bothered to turn up for so many other big games that he's missed in the last two years, maybe we could accept him missing this one. I know he's 'injured', but I'd bet my bottom dollar that he'd play for Algeria with exactly the same injury as the one he's currently carrying and I'm sick of him treating Rangers as second best. Give me £5m-£6m and I'd rip your arm off. imo his behaviour this season isnt doing his transfer any good,managers will say, great player
  12. 2 men walking round the track with a barrow full of numbers.with the 1/2 time scores making their way up to the score board at the back of the copland rd end.and the govan burgh band.famous for being the only people to play at ibrox and never score a goal....
  13. RFC first started on the 1968 outfit alec ferguson time.but there was a badge on some earlier strips,i remember early earoupean games mid 50,s with a badge.
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