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  1. No, he didn't when we drew them, he said it was going to excitement for the team AND the fans to play them in such an important game, he didn't back the boycott until well after Green made his stance clear, and off the record, Ally doesn't back the boycott.
  2. If you go back to when we were drawn against them, he was delighted for the team AND the fans that we got an SPL side and the excitement it was going to have, but don't let fact's get in the way eh!!!
  3. The policing arrangements will make that pretty hard to achieve!!
  4. On the contrary, that's the hyperbole the 'uberfans' are spouting, If i thought for a second my kids would be in danger, i wouldn't be taking them!!!
  5. Since when was this boycott ever about that game??There in lie's one of the issue's that bursts me, there is no clear cut reason for this boycott, firstly it was about money, then it was about the re-arranged game, then it was about sending a message, and then it's about showing future SPL teams we won't attend their grounds, make yer fuckin mind up ffs, There is no positive reason for this boycott, hence why i said from the very day we drew them, i would be there, no cunt seems to have a solid reason for not going ffs!!
  6. I have a stadium seating plan on my desk, and believe me, there won't be many, if any other fans in our allocated section.
  7. Who will be in the home end, but lets not let facts get in the way though eh.
  8. Do you actually think i give a fuck wether you believe me or not???There's plenty of bears going this game, i'm one of them as are my 2 boys and 14 mates, As i said, accept it, it's happening, as you'll see on the telly the morn, I don't like arguing with fellow fans, but this issue has certainly divided us, but i don't need to prove anything to any cunt, i buy 3 ST's a year and get to as many games as i can, and especially now we're depleted in quality, the team need's the 12th man more than ever!!!
  9. Look, believe it or not, the majority of the away tickets have been bought by real bears, so there won't be any hassle from the police,This is actually starting to burst my coupon, we have bought up the tickets, accept it, i have mine along with 2 for my my 2 boys, as have 14 of my mates, there will be at least 350 bears at the game tomorrow, Stop pedaling the 'there will be trouble' shite, there won't, i'm going to watch a game of football and support my team along with my kids and mates, we have no interest in bother, and we'll be avoiding any trouble as best we can, We are there to support the team on the park, as i've said numerous times, ffs, it's everyone's right to make their own decision!!!!
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