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  1. Draw like a 2 yo mate.never got the hang of it­čśü. It's the thought that counts­čĄú­čĄú. No Surrender Rab
  2. I cannot wait for that day amigo. Miss yees loads . No Surrender Rab
  3. I went to Bern translating german for an auditor in 2 cheese factories.i had a fuckin nightmare.it was the day after they (young boys) won the league for for the first time in years,maybe 4 years ago, half of the workers were still hammered from the celebrations.i knew I was in trouble in the opening meeting, when I couldnt understand a fuckin word they were saying.­čśů­čĄú Switzedeutz or something the language was ., german it fuckin wasnt.we ended up grabbing one of the local lads in their who spoke good english, and did the whole thing in our native tongue.ha fuckin brilliant memory.
  4. Just a time delay of 7 mins mate.pork and apple nearly went on instead pork and leek flavour.wasnt used , just placed in the wrong formation No Surrender Rab
  5. No mate, it's a 2 hour target in weight of finished sausages packs. No Surrender Rab
  6. Ok brother? Am good at the mo.had the old brain thing a couple of weeks ago, all seems ok apart from the fact they couldnt find it­čśü. UEFA should give both teams an extra bonus for the 2 games produced.that was why I fell in love with football in the first place, played with not a thought of caution.ibrox would have been fuckin jumping last night.hope you and the family are well mate. No Surrender Rab
  7. My name is Rab.i am 49 year old. I am still a Rangers draft wee ladidie at heart.meting notes hit the spot this morning.anybidy else still do this sort of stuff when they are middle age men? Still buzzing from last night.. No Surrender Rab
  8. I'm taking it 1 game at a time bears.that makes the reaction to the staggies hanging on last night watching in the house all the more magical. My mrs knows fuck all about football, but I showed a wee video of the Rangers seal and she pissed herself laughing.its so close, but I just wish it was done and dusted mathematically so I can sleep at night. No Surrender Rab
  9. Unfortunately I'm with you on this amigo.if we had won sunday I may be a bit more relaxed., but the thought of us chucking it now brings a sick feeling to my stomach like nothing else.ive got a horrible feeling that its gonna go right down to the wire. I hope I'm fuckin so wrong.if st Mirren get something tonight I will believe it's almost over. Those on here that know me know I'm being both sincere and pessimistic, but until it is mathematically impossible for them fuckin mutants to catch us, I will not take anything for granted. We have won nothing yet apart from a lot of back slappin
  10. Was a great point today.hard fought, a team with new belief with a new manager.shite pitch had me fearing the worst.before January we were all saying a point against the tinks, beat hibs, scrape something against the sheep.we dropped our first points today, we beat the rest.i celebrated Cedric 's leveller like I did when we beat celtic 2 weeks ago..keep it steaming Rangers.avoid stupid defeats and 55 is on us.the pressure is starting to tell on the players and the gaffer.im glad we are so many points in front.we have played the best football I've ever seen in my 48 years supporting Rangers.the
  11. Lost ma da 3 years ago mate, but we hadn't spoken for 18 years, and it was a year before the grief hit in and took its toll.hit the bottle massively, nearly lost it all.lost contact with you lot, spoke to JS yesterday, I've got a wee thing next week that scares the shite out of me. But the thought of 55 after all this shit makes it all worth it.dont fuck it Rangers please.it was a good hard earned point today. No Surrender Rab
  12. Hear hear.the minute pizzi came on I feared the worst, some fuckin player that.without him last night, we win easily. My only fear now is the liege late winner.had we won last night we would still have needed something from the 2 remaining games, but I would take that everytime. We are still in with a big shout,the tinks are fuckin out!!! 8-2 on aggregate against a middle of the road side. Rangers 5 benfica 5. Nice. Well done the sons of William! No Surrender Rab
  13. Gonna be a fuckin belter of a match with us snatching a last minute winner in a 4-3 thriller.fuckin wish I was going as well. No Surrender Rab
  14. I remember getting the chance to meet the players at ibrox when I was a wee boy, about 6 or 7. All the players were sat on tables either in their pants or baws out with blue t shirts on. Big jock was at the front of the room . He made a beeline for me and my cousin Tommy and said: "they are the privileged ones, they get to play for you. They have to be good enough for that Jersey.watch out for davie cooper.magi├ž , but wee Bobby is still the magician" Russell he meant, the guy I spent copying for years after the talk. Jock Wallace embodies everything that is both traditional and great abo
  15. Fuckin intae them Rangers No Surrender Rab
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