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  1. Was the drugs after having my teeth out ha ha. No Surrender Rab
  2. I'm moving home in 3 weeks.lets fuckin stand together. Our whole support is under attack. No time for apologists.time for absolute unity.lets get something going Rangers, a March on the record building, all of us. No Surrender Rab
  3. That display today was absolutely fuckin magnificent!!!!these lads and ladies are a real credit to our club and support. Must admit, as an auld Mod myself, when the big Rangers, a way of life mod target got unfurled, a few wee tears were shed.fuckin magic. No Surrender Rab
  4. I watched him on a podcast, some Nigerian thing.he fuckin loves it at our club.they changed their tactics and put the new pele up against him expecting to give him a doing, big man was immense and sent him packing.well played big Leon. No Surrender Rab
  5. Once again our big players turned up, those who came in stood strong and played like Rangers players should.was at home with a chest infection, gutted I couldnt travel up.so important was today.everybody was waiting for us to slip up.so fuckin pleased.i will leave a few worries about individuals for another day, for their is nothing like beating they bastards, so they all deserve praise.well done the Queen's 11.fuckin magic. No Surrender Rab
  6. Some of they boys on the bus if not all of them, have followed Rsngers home and away every game in our darkest days.im ashamed of most of you lot on here.in my darkest hour in 2012, I just wanted somebody to stand up for our club, these boys were of a few who did so.i hate racism in its form, but ban me from this forum , or from ibrox to eternity,I will stand and defend one of our own before I ever give in to conspiracies.the song is crap, but I remember being at park head when 7000 were singing it.to be honest I'm more ashamed of most on here hanging the boys out to dry, we are supposed to protect our own. Its what my old man taught me, better a bad bear than a bad fenian son,.fuck you lot being embarrassed by boys on a bus, who went to peterhead in 2012 when you couldnt be arsed.i did from england. The boys are brothers.im gonna switch off for a couple of days.the apologists on here will be writing about celtic tearing us a new one at the weekend. I'm ashamed of all of you who turned their back on these lads No Surrender Rab
  7. I have this horrible feeling that wont go away about this game over 2 legs.i know I'm probably the only one on here.we have to blow them away in the first half or I fear the worst could happen. No Surrender Rab
  8. The wee boy behind , must have been six or 7 with his maw singing every song, word for word, even the bad ones, brought a round of applause from everybody in the Bill Struth rear. And some cash for the wee yin. No Surrender Rab
  9. I think that was the kick up the arse we needed today.couple need shifted out quick and a couple 9f hungry young uns brought in. Sellixk will not be shite forever, we all know that.stevie needs to get tore into them after that.we will respond on tuesday night.end of shitstorm and back to having to win it again , all over again.not feeling the doom today.we have been coasting for months.time to get the battle fever back on. No Surrender Rab
  10. Mate, go back through your messages regarding said ditching mates, which is totally not true and out of order.theres maybe some things you need to read again.everybody makes mistakes, as for changing my number I explained that to you already why.and in that instance when I was in fuckin life threatening deep shit, no cunt, including luton who I told about it, even fuckin phoned me at the time. I certainly would not come on here and attack you mate, and I thought our differences were settled a long time ago. I'm sorry you feel that way.i havent ditched anybody.2 sides and all that.i accept my side of things, but not all of it, and there are plenty who have chosen not to contact me on FB whatever.they know who they are.as for someone sticking out an olive branch to me last week, I don't know who Div is mate, or I would have replied. Take care mate. No Surrender Rab
  11. Cannot wait for tuesday night, 46000 inside Ibrox, me being one I'm going to sing until my fuckin tonsils burst, been ages since I've sat in my seat.hotel and flights booked.going to see my new house on wednesday could be a crackin couple of days Come on the Sons o' William!! No Surrender Rab
  12. It fell through on the final offer, then I had an offer accepted by a fellow bear in ardrossan, only for the bastard to sell it to his neighbours for a grand cash over my accepted offer, not the done thing in scotland I believe. This one in hunter avenue then popped up 20000 cheaper. I put in a could not give fuck final offer as I was still pissed off with the previous one, and it got accepted. The area seems nice and quiet, the house needs a bit of work, but the last thing I want to see is a shit stained pair of scum shorts on the washing line next door.please god new, let it be bears for fuck sake. No Surrender Rab
  13. Fuck sake, no way mate. No Surrender Rab
  14. Or surrounding areas? Just bought a house in ardrossan south beach area. Just wondered what the split is between us and them in the area.movr in in 8 weeks.coming home ya fuckin dancer!! No Surrender Rab
  15. I was successfully selected for a ticket, tried to logon for the QR code and it said you must have in your basket the t22code.on my order history it says I have purchased a ticket, in my basket is nothing.Prso , I will gladly give you my ticket if you can give me a hint on what to do. No Surrender Rab
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