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  1. Canny see a win now ..think we need quality in January. Speculate to get the holy grail in May
  2. Canny see us getting 3 Tarriers up 2.0 tae .. Fuckin disaster
  3. Saw this earlier . Might be on here already . Lift your head please no more tears And think of all those happy years. I’m in a place that I’m content To my Blue Heaven I’ve been sent Where Rangers Legends live on forever Loyal and true we're all together And in my heaven of Royal Blue I’ll wear a smile and think of you Every game that Rangers play I am there with you all the way Cheering on from high above For the boys in blue the team I love So live your life and do not dwell And be at peace I’m safe and well Amongst my friends decked out in blue In my Blue Heaven I’ll wait for you ♥️🤍💙 Rest easy Gaffer 💔
  4. In bits . Canny believe it . Had to switch machinery off and sit down at work . Totally gutted .
  5. Funny feeling alfie might go in January. Could be wrong . Winning this title would guarantee £30m so maybe speculate to accumulate. Just my opinion though .
  6. Think we need to freshen up in January with quality if possible
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