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  1. What today showed is we are now doing what they cunts have done the past few years . When they slip up we're pumping teams now .
  2. Season 2009/2010 i thought Naisy was awful and in my opinion i would have sold him for a fiver but season 2010/11 he has proved most people wrong by becoming the player people in the game thought he would. I don't mind being proven wrong .
  3. Born in Whiteinch...moved to Yoker.then to Jersey then back to Knightswood,Cardonald then Renfrew
  4. The Jam -david watts Nirvana-The man who sold the world Undercover-Baker street..............only kiddin
  5. I found this very bizarre considering we thought about a bid for a couple of years ago of about a mil i think... Liverpool close in on Fulham defender Paul Konchesky Konchesky watched Liverpool's win on Sunday from the stands at Anfield Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson says he expects to sign Fulham left-back Paul Konchesky "in the next couple of days". Reports suggest Konchesky, 29, would move to Anfield with Liverpool's reserve striker Lauri Dalla Valle going to Craven Cottage as part of the deal. "There are one or two minor details that need to be sorted," said Hodgson after Sunday's 1-0 w
  6. Think that might go over a few peoples heads. The decline started when the enclosure was seated and then when we were told what we can and can't say,do or sing it went completely
  7. It's the most rousing song we have and it spurred on other songs to follow........but agreed we need standing areas where the BO and UB can go..Like the Ultras in Spain and Italy and get the crowd going again
  8. Too many shitebags not willing to belt out the Billy Boys when the teams come out and at the start of the games... Europe and the Beggars ,the Billy Boys would hurt yer heid..now you can talk on the phone cos it's so quiet.. Ibrox is boring,even on Old Firm and European nights now...... BRING BACK THE BILLY BOYS .................SIMPLES
  9. All SPL Love street Muirton park Dens Firhill Airdrie old Ayr utd Falkirk Morton Meadowbank Newcastle Sunderland Liverpool Everton Man Utd Chelsea Spurs Blackpool Barca Juventus Dortmund Hamburg Munchengladbach Munich Man City That's all i remember...maybe more but it's very early
  10. Would never give Dundee Hibernians the smell aff ma farts... Thompson is a prick and can watch his skint club spiral as he tries to play Football director and knock back good offers for average players. Better out there for less........let the bastards go down
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