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  1. You were wrong then. You are wrong now. You'll be wrong forever.
  2. Its on a need to know basis. You don't need to know, nor does anyone else. Only me.
  3. He used up all the slack , and then some, last season, and his ridiculous outburst at Forfar just sealed the deal for me. He should walk. Unfortunately, his cheerleaders shout the loudest, and blind sentiment will drag us down.
  4. Thats only because you're a dirty fenian bar steward.
  5. In our managers defence here..........................er..........................................nope, I have nothing.
  6. This is the true measure of a Bear. Season ticket & tattoo, sorted.
  7. Call a spade a spade is my motto. We have a few players who are utter shite.
  8. He's supposed to be a top class defender, with Champions League & Serie A credentials. I have seen zero evidence of any of that, watching him play. Ross Perry, much as I think he's a waste of space, isn't getting handsomely rewarded for being utterly shite.
  9. I can't remember him playing well, making any good tackles, winning any high balls, or even looking like a footballer. I honestly think he's the worst of all time. That includes Mervan Celik.
  10. I'm just some bloke on the fucking internet bud, don't take it to heart! There are some real arseholes on here, the ignore function is your friend. I cannot over-state the point about the arseholes though, human haemorrhoids, not worth bothering with.
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