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  1. Funniest guy on the tinternet.

  2. Just thought I'd let u know that u r cunt..posting that shit about ur own teams fans is a disgrace...I already retract that,ur not a cunt, ur clearly blue through and trough but that shite u said is not cool...and I'm drunk x

  3. Mate I just neg repped by accident, will balance it out (tu)

  4. did you get a good look ? :pipe:

  5. .....holidaying in Cambodia.

  6. Awrite fannybaws, am back! Missed ya! Look forward to a decent argument/slaggin' match! :P

  7. FINGERS!!!

  8. File Transfer Protocol

  9. Bad boy. Now behave yourself.

    x :lol:

  10. Nice Signature ;)

  11. pm me your msn... i think we got off on the wrong foot when we first bumped in to each other.

    ya ginger cunt.

  12. I have a bigger willy than you.

  13. Lenny Murphy's barmy army :pipe:

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