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  1. Surely the principle Occam's Razor provides the answer here? Even if Tav were to excel at LB, we would still need to secure an excellent RB to replace him. We have OK backups at RB, nothing more. So two positions in doubt instead of one. Just bite the bullet and find a good LB. We don't even need a great one to improve the team. Even a competent one would do it.
  2. Those thinking McCrorie at RB is weird may not remember, or maybe too young to remember, that Gerrard played a considerable number of games there himself early in his career. It was also for the same reasons: too good not to be in the team but too inconsistent to be a first pick as CM. His athleticism, tackling and passing/crossing made him very effective. Don't think it will hurt RM's game. Seem to have this vision in my head that pretty much everyone we played at LM in Walter's second stint was played out of position. Felt most sorry for Fleck out there.
  3. I think the one in the second half was even better. If it wasn't for that bobble on that fucked up pitch, it would have been an even better goal.
  4. Was it not in one of the 92-93 group stage games? Because of 3 foreigner rule and an injury or something? I remember it did happen though, you're right about that.
  5. I've got about 6 or 7 bets on us for the league @9/4. Every decent bet that comes in, I put the profit on another one. Also got the Treble on @40/1. EL is a step too far I reckon. I will just wait for the proper quadruple next season, with the CL😁
  6. Can you not just delete him? He clogs up every thread he enters with crap. It's just tiring now.
  7. TheMotor


    He looked OK at RB when he came on but he didn't have any defending to do, it was just relentless Portsmouth pressure in the 2nd half. He did look quick though and his touch was fine.
  8. Misread thread title as "Large" RSC Banner. Works either way I suppose and just as impressive.
  9. I have to admit that I am not familiar with King as a player at all. Is he similar to anyone we have on the books just now? He seems to have passed me by a bit. I was probably a bit focused on Vardy, Mahrez and Kante in the title winning team.
  10. The OP is correct about the improved physicality in the squad. Two points worry me though, which are the domestic referees and their inconsistencies and McGregor's occasional tantrum. He needs to screw the nut a bit and realise that we've become such a good footballing side that keeping the heat down a bit works in our favour. Exception being the beasts where I want to see him go full Chris Woods and lift the thumb off the ground by his skinny wee chicken neck.
  11. Where can I get my refund for the last ten minutes please?
  12. And it's certainly not reducing our threat. We have looked extremely dangerous any time we have had to put the foot down in any game or tie.
  13. Just keep watching that second goal in Denmark over and over and over again. If Jones does nothing else in his Ranger's career, I'll remember him for that run and lay-off. Then Aribo finishes it off perfectly. Thanks again @julescotia
  14. It's pretty much a tautology (fancy word of the day in ma comic). Golf just implies your a slightly older boring prick.
  15. TheMotor


    Similar arrogance and attitude about them.
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