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  1. Decent all round midfielder that likes a dig at goal!
  2. One poor game and Borna should be sold?! Bloody hell, some people have short memories.
  3. We have played poorly against them twice and they still haven’t beaten us.
  4. Because he’s a cheating wee prick. He knew he got away with one on Goldson and tried to cheat his way out of a booking. It worked.
  5. Kamara shoot for once!!! Never seen a player like him for not shooting.
  6. There are “the best team in the country “ after all.....
  7. I was the same. Just in the door but only had BBC Scotland in the car. All about celtic as usual. Thankfully watching it now. Must have been the first time in 15-20 years I had that on the radio.
  8. Yasssss. Finally I got a winner!!
  9. The prick is fast gaining friends on Twitter. All from Eastern Europe....... funny that......
  10. Player. That’s very poor by the officials. But I think if they said fuck it, then it would be overturned on appeal surely?! But I suppose anyone could walk off and say anything if they did that. Still, it’s very poor
  11. I see Valencia walked off the pitch yesterday after racist abuse. That’s the way it should be. Unacceptable
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