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  1. They have never gave the club a penny and when pushed said they bought their friends season tickets. therefore gave to the club. So dont buy and keep money for you own season ticket.
  2. For me we need to change shape 4-5-1 stop leaking goals Halliday must give back 4 no confidence, would us Wilson to just sit break up play and move ball on. fod hodson-Kieron-hill- Wallace ..............Wilson moh- Emerson- toral- McKay Dodo
  3. Thing is has has 18 other appointments so how can he run us and have 17 other jobs?
  4. Feel privileged now got called to Stuart Robertson's office after, he claimed not to have seen offer(only did it because a director was told what we had offered). When told him what we could do he hums can I come back to you in 6 weeks.
  5. Still same contractors doing the works charging fortunes to upgrade the stadium we love. Met with board member myself and offered to do about £150k work for free and additional £100k for advertising. Spoke about what could be done recommended changing all lighting under the stands to blue so that at night you get a blue glow around stadium. Install hand dryers in all toilets, upgrade lighting in concourse etc. Could not touch wifi/ tv's due to legal case. All agreed with them, new FM came in and all went quite, RFC's loss.
  6. Play off thing is a joke if in relegation position you should be down, have play off over long weekend in May and one off final for each division. England has shown the way with this, Motherwell were pish all season then luck they met us to stay up. Just wrong. 16 team league with strong cup competitions played at 3pm on a Saturday. Tell tv companies there will be one live game each week 1pm kick off. Sack SFA, SPFL personnel and have 1 governing body why do we have so many administrators for a simple game.
  7. Thanks for fixing that Suzie Dent
  8. Goes under the knife in Bradford today, long road back for him.
  9. Just a note Rangers career is over out for 4 months add to the list of if only. Best if luck finding a new club wee fella.
  10. Hi Hope someone can help looking for a high resolution image of our greatest 11 hall of fame team from a few years ago, Think Senga Murray did a picture, but can't seem to find it anywhere.
  11. Bit of Johnny Cash....Blue train, home of the blues, walk the line, cocaine blues
  12. So I take it we must be favorites to host the League cup and Scottish cup at Ibrox. Should we take the sfa cash or tell them where to go.
  13. Get yourself a dreambox and don't worry about any other costs
  14. Wee Rangers club would be a better location..thoughts. Better music and no gays
  15. I would go for Mister Singhs outlets with some spiced onions.
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