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  1. Wow, Lucas Matthysse. What a statement. Devastating power.
  2. You're right, Chavez isn't a title holder. His last outing was his defeat by Martinez last year, and then he had the drugs ban. I actually don't rate Chavez all that highly and fancy Murray to do a number on him. I agree that Murray does seem like a right good bloke and isn't one to shy away from a challenge! Hope he can do it.
  3. Martin Murray to fight Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in Mexico City on the 3rd of August. Another great opportunity for Murray. I hope he gets a fair crack of the whip in this one with the judges but sadly I'd imagine that will be unlikely!
  4. Tyson Fury made me laugh out loud there. What a bizarre character he is. David Price will knock him unconscious.
  5. Tony Bellew stops Edison Miranda in the 9th round with an excellent body shot. Fairly cagey fight, with Bellew looking a bit tentative for the first half. Miranda was just his usual self, some wild swinging punches and a lack of workrate. Good name on Bellew's record though, and hopefully a catapult to some bigger fights. He has decent power but is actually quite an underrated boxer too. His jab can be a real weapon!
  6. Disappointing, but I guess not unexpected. Kenny Anderson will be devastated at that news, especially after the fiasco the last time they were due to fight.
  7. Impressive win for Groves last night. The stoppage was particularly good, he landed 4 or 5 massive power shots. He doesn't look like he should but George Groves has undoubted KO power. The only negative was a pretty deep cut above his eye but hopefully that won't delay the Anderson fight. Really looking forward to that already.
  8. Why were Channel 5 showing Tyson Fury fighting a walking punch bag? Absolute farce.
  9. Matthysse is a wrecking machine! Superb performance, his power is incredible.
  10. Any idea what time Ortiz v Lopez will start mate? Is it a 4am job?
  11. How do you see it going mate? I fancy Bradley to cause Manny some problems, especially if he brings his head into play in the close exchanges! Pacquiao will want Bradley to come forward in straight lines but i just can't see that happening. Bradley, even though he doesn't possess much power, is a smart fighter. That coupled with Manny looking so poor against Marquez last time out, makes 4/1 on a Bradley win seem pretty tempting!
  12. Bute's left to the body is phenomenal, and his style makes him hard to hit. Has he been in with anyone at Froch's level though? I don't really see too many big tests on his record, certainly nobody with the strength or intensity that Froch will bring tomorrow night. As a big fan, I hope Froch can outwork him and grind him down. However, I fear he might leave himself too open and take some sickening body shots. Either way, it's going to be a great fight!
  13. Rios v Murray goes ahead, with Murray being able to win the title. Rios has to pay Murray $20,000 from his share of the purse. Not a bad outcome for Murray, especially if Rios has pushed himself to the limit tonight trying to make the weight. Hopefully he will bring home the belt now.
  14. Rios has failed to make the weight and will be stripped of the title. Dreadfully unprofessional. Apparently the fight will still take place though providing Rios weighs a certain weight in the morning. Shambolic really.
  15. Haha, that is astonishing. I'd love for him to qualify that by listing the rounds that he actually thought Katsidis won. As much as he's excellent at setting a high pace and putting on pressure, he's the most one-dimensional fighter in the world and was eating so many combos from Burns on the way in, round after round. There was no real quality about Kat's work for the most part, just effort. For this guy to say that he 'boxed beautifully'? Nah, not having that at all. Sour grapes in the extreme.
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