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  1. Liverpool are absolutely atrocious. Torres has looked a shadow of his former self and Cole just gives the ball away constantly.
  2. CR3. Cannot wait, been buzzing all day!
  3. blyth

    RM on iPhone

    Does anyone know how to go back to the original display instead of the desktop version? I've tried signing out and back in and deleting my cookies, with no success. Any help would be great.
  4. I actually had to read that article twice to make sure i wasn't suffering some form of brain aneurysm the first time. He would back him over Usain Bolt in a 5 yard race? Does this cunt not know that Usain Bolt can do that in about 0.4 seconds?!
  5. His tactics yesterday sum him right up. Imagine him in the dressing room before the game... 'Right Dioufy, any time we get a free kick, just run straight into Schwarzer and knock him over. The ref won't give it every time.' I'd love to see Ozil and Ronaldo's reactions if their manager said any of that shit. A completely insufferable cunt of a man. I hate him.
  6. That is hugely embarrassing. Paul Mitchell is such a terrible commentator. Stick to the SPL you clown.
  7. That looks horrendous! Hope he makes a quick recovery. Good win for Barca tonight, they usually struggle at the Calderon. Pique's goal was so well taken. As was Messi's, in fact.
  8. blyth

    FIFA 11 Demo

    I'm absolutely loving the demo so far. I know it was pretty well documented before the release, but the individual players do play more in the style of their real-life counterparts than ever before. As much as i dislike the guy, Busquets is great in it. His short-range passing is brilliant and he breaks up attacks with ease. Roll on the 1st of October!! Cannot wait.
  9. That knockout was one of the most sickening I have ever seen. Enzo absolutely has to retire now, otherwise he is going to end up with some serious injury. The way he went down there was horrible to watch.
  10. blyth


    Easily the best Edu has been this season. Him and McCulloch were excellent in the 2nd half.
  11. Gary Neville will be playing right back tonight so hopefully Walter will play a pacey winger with a few tricks on the left. Weiss sounds about perfect for the role. If he doesn't start I will be gutted. Neville is the one we should be looking to attack.
  12. Great news mate, many congratulations! A result for us tonight and you will probably go off the rails through sheer delirium! Come on Rangers!!
  13. Hope he gets well soon, that's a terrible thing to happen to anyone, never mind a fit young athlete. Get well soon Sno.
  14. The everton fans are apparently going to be singing this and wearing Bob Marley wigs at Goodison tomorrow. It was on Talksport earlier.
  15. Sorry to hear the sad news Boab. Your courage to do the speech would have made everyone proud, not least your dad. Take care mate.
  16. The only way his name could be any more apt would be if his middle name was 'is fucking'. He's abominable. Pass.
  17. I really hope i'm wrong but i can see Martinez blasting Burns out early doors, much like Katsidis did against Mitchell.
  18. If the SPL qualifies as 'the highest level', then I'll go for David Witteveen who played for Hearts a couple of seasons ago. He was actually worse than Egil Ostenstadt. I'm surprised no-one has mentioned Glenn Loovens yet aswell. He is catastrophically bad.
  19. Good to be back Papa! I know what you mean, some really bizarre moves are made on deadline day. Hopefully the English ignorance of the SPL means that the Ian Holloway's of this world still think he's got 'good potential' and see him as one for the future! Fucking hell how many more cliches can I put in there?!!
  20. Morris played well on Saturday, his technique is absolutely spot on. I agree with the earlier posts about Gomis though. He's the one SPL midfielder i'd like to see us sign.
  21. You have to ask, why would anyone even want to buy him? What has he actually done to suggest that he might be a good acquisition for someone? I would be delighted with £1m for him, in fact I'd be astonished if we got that. A complete and utter failure of the highest order.
  22. Absolutely not a chance. Might aswell suggest Keiran Gibbs while you are at it.
  23. I'm not a huge fan of Reynolds, far better out there for the price we would have to pay. I actually think the lad Saunders is a better prospect than Reynolds anyway.
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