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  1. 12 month ban and 1 game ban for Morelos for goal celebration at sharkville. Disgrace...
  2. Exactly. We have been outstanding this season. Something that has been conveniently understated by a tarrier complicit media fixated on an apparently dreadful celtic campaign which If you look at their points total the now would have them in the mix in most seasons. We've just been too good. Simples.
  3. I wonder what the exact problem is. We know he has been managed differently regarding knee issues but the last couple of injuries have been calf related. I wonder if the underlying knee issues are contributing to calf injuries etc. We'll find out soon I guess.
  4. Lets see what comes back from the specialist before the calls for getting rid etc.
  5. Back to business after the turgid international break. Game is live on Premier Sports Sunday 4th April 18:00 start with a 18:30 kick off. Team News Patterson, Zungu and Bassey unavailable due to covid breach bans. Tav, Jack unavailable through injury. Hope our international players all back with clean bill of health. Play a strong team to get the boys back up to speed after the break. According to the wee Goblin Hartley Cove have one eye on promotion in the league with a trip to Clyde midweek. They still have players with good experience with Fraser Fyvie in midf
  6. Only good thing about international football is the more caps they get and perform well increases their profile and makes them more sellable assets. Less chance of teams trying to pick up our players on the cheap.
  7. Harsh on Candieas. Windass fair enough.
  8. Gerrard has also been quoted as saying he likes to move him fwd when he can to unshackle him of the responsibility of being a more tactical player who has to concentrate on both defensive and offensive play. He wants him to influence the game in the last third with assists and goals.
  9. Aribo has bags of talent, great technique etc. But when everyone is fit will be vying for the right fwd position in a 4-3-3 or maybe in a three in a 4-2-3-1 at times. Similar to anyone in the forwrd areas for us will be judged on assists and goals. For all his ability he has to improve in these areas. Not giving up on him. Next season is make or break for him though.
  10. Doubt Zungu will play again this season after the hearing on Thursday.
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