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  1. Gotta be up there as the best individual goal scored by a Rangers player. Best team goal is Rod Wallace.
  2. Can we all not get along and be forum friends...
  3. Treating them like the scum they are bud👌
  4. VID_20201018_154723.mp4
  5. Doing it to yourself doesn't count bud.😄😄
  6. Anyway back on topic. Kent driving at that big lump Duffy...mismatch. Milk turns quicker than him. Big lad gonna wish he was isolating for this one.😄😄
  7. Sounds like you've got him hung,drawn and quartered before he's had a chance to unpack his biltong bud.
  8. Been really solid for us. Seems to bring composure and organisation to the defence. I know his lack of pace has been debated before but he does seem a yard quicker to me from when he first came to us. Maybe getting up to peak fitness / sharpness with us has helped him gain a yard of pace.
  9. Can't afford to sit off this lot. If we give them time to play they have quality in their side to hurt us and it could be a long night. We play our game at a tempo and press as a team we'll go through. 3-1 to us. Kent, Morelos, Barasic.
  10. All his throw ins were forward first half mate.
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