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  1. Should play as our number 9. Perfect for overhit cross balls and knock downs.
  2. The smell would give them away b4 you saw them. Could be called cunt 1&2. Would make no difference tbf.
  3. A few of those magic eraser sponges will buff it out in no time.
  4. Can see Charlie McCann involved in the first team soon too.
  5. And then the perfect delivery and thumping Helander header. A Carlberg moment. Goosebumps. 😄😄😄
  6. Can't play in front of fans tarrier media pish knocked out the park today. Angeball went a bit flat today. Hope they keep playing that way as the better teams will punish the shambles at the back.
  7. Need a strong ref as this mob seem quite happy to put the boot in going by the first leg.
  8. Just had my second jab couple weeks ago. I got it done due to work travel but can understand some healthy peoples reluctance to take it. It is a choice after all but as said I couldnt take the chance of being work restricted.
  9. Its the chance we have to take. Start our strongest team and hopefully put the game to bed and ring the changes. If we start with a team with an eye on sunday and it doesnt go to plan we will have to bring on our better players to see us over the line. Id prefer to start them than coming on to change a game. Securing group stage football is our next game so the team should reflect that.
  10. Barisic should get some game time on Thursday if he is going to start on sunday.
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