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  1. Wow, one of almost an entire page of posts with nothing but personal abuse directed at Bears, at the same time ranting about people abusing bears! Outstanding work. I can see a "blue" username called Bazza viewing at the moment, may just be me but, perhaps theres been an infringement of the rules here?
  2. I believe someone else pointed out that this is a way to get what you want to say, into known outlets, without technically talking to them, they knew full well where it was going.
  3. I tend to agree with that in the main, even though DE got me (outlaw) life banned from FF because he thought I was someone else haha, still havent thanked him for that
  4. I said that years ago mate, its common logic that dictates that, thought the RFFF was a step in the right direction, and "A" Supporters trust is also a good idea, although I have no time for the current one. however, there can be only one trust per club, so, change has to happen within, however, you see the actions of the likes of "Fury" who is a big part of that, decrying this forum, other forums, individuals (including those like myself who have nothing to do with him), and, in fact, pretty much anyone who doesnt verbally fellate his own self importance, then you see the reasons why a united group wont happen. I think he started as a promising blogger, but, as with most, "fame" goes to the head
  5. "Fury" appears to be enjoying telling lies on FF, and about me. Actually posting that I threaten and abuse him on here and on twitter and posting usernames, absolutely hilarious, the boy has lost the plot. I rarely post here, and, not to him, and I have him blocked on twitter (where of course he refuses to address his lies). Silly boy that he is, and has a couple of rather weird people claiming to "know" me and joining in with it. They "know" me, and have "dirt" on me, yet, havent messaged me anywhere to clarify things. Odd place that FF, glad I dont spend time there. You speak about divided support? When you have people like Chris abusing their position and telling lies about people that dont interact with him, but, whos monikers he remembers, simply because I choose to post on a couple of forums, both of which seem to have had enough of his crap and got rid, then, that right there is a great reason for division. Its people causing problems for no reason and with no foundation
  6. That may need some explanation, really don't follow you. Although the first part makes sense, combine it. Its almost a parallel of the quest for information from the club, nobody knows what or why is happening. Simple explanations.
  7. This is true, I also find it interesting that there appears to be a single common denominator in almost all of these types of threads, and that would be the donkeys. Its been the same since before Whyte even appeared. Such a minor representation as well
  8. Perhaps they don't do much to help their cause by their attitude? As an example, and I think my recent posting history will attest to this, it would appear the main (mitten) man, has taken to telling (more) lies today, on ££, apparently I abuse him on here and twitter (although he did get my twitter handle wrong, sigh), so, perhaps these fans reps need to get some modicum of common sense and actually tell the truth? Would help! If I abuse someone, they will know, I tend not to, so, that was a little bit silly of him no? Getting a history of telling lies it would seem has young Christopher
  9. Agree with some of that, in the main, it was/should have been a simple process. Pay "X" and the club is yours, if someone has bid "X", then offering less than that is incompetence/stupidity. To say other bids weren't deliberately hindered is plain wrong, as some clearly were. If you choose not to see the "dirty tricks" campaigns, then that is of course your prerogative, however some were so public it is hard to miss.I think if the Blue Knights were actually credible (although the name sort of killed that in the first place), the dirty tricks etc wouldn't have happened, as they would have done what all GOOD businesses/business people do, don't denigrate your competition, push your own strengths. And of course, put your money where your mouth is, because at the end of the day, buying the club was about money, pure and simple, offer enough, you win.
  10. Once it was in D&Ps hands, Whyte had no say in the matter. We would have found out if Murrays lot had simply offered the price they were told, they didn't. Some might say that refusing to deal with murray was actually a good move by whyte, just some mind
  11. Thanks, its a simple case of proactiveness, stops all rumours, arguments and questions. Its a simple little job that eliminates far more substantial work down the line, so, just basically common sense. Works on a couple of other (non Football related) forums I am an admin on
  12. I know all about this forum, I have been a member since the actual day it opened its doors. I have seen a lot of changes in its time as well, most not for the best. Interesting you pick ED, as, I was referring generally, however, with some background knowledge on that one, the "particular poster", is a public/media representative of a particular organisation, and, as a result, will and SHOULD be queried on things. If you are going to put yourself in a public position, you should expect scrutiny, in the current climate, you should also expect hard questioning. Experience of different people in these roles is they tend to avoid or deflect a lot of them, never giving a straight answer (very political haha), which, will wind a lot of people up. Your last sentence could be applied to most people (pro-green, anti-green, pro-rst, etc etc) as most people seem to concentrate their support on individuals. sad.! The point of my post however was simple, band someone, a short admin post with the members name and a sentence or two explaining why they have been banned, perhaps with the length of said ban. No confusion, no multiple threads by people asking about it. Lock a thread? well, if you are in the process of locking it, make a bloody post saying why... simple! Yet doesn't seem to happen
  13. Well thank you kindly, Im still not forgiving you for naked thief on the other thread though, still a bit queezy after that. And, interesting given our furry friend is currently on ££ naming me as someone who abuses him regularly on here haha, despite the fact I am rarely on these days/months. Silly mummys boy he is.haha I don't even abuse BP9!
  14. Mini Murray was in a position to do something PRE Whyte, chose not to, but, from memory, Bill NG - Derailled by RST/TBK campaign, The American - Derailed by RST/TBK campaign, The Hibs guy who eventually joined in with TBK? Forgot his name, withdrew (not a real Rangers man?). Murray had exact knowledge of what was required to buy the club, in black and white, and, tried to do some sort of silly thing where he wasn't going to be paying enough, and, under bid. Then, complained afterwards. I believe, he had to up his consortiums bid by £2m and he would have got the club, he didn't. As far as Green etc working with D&P, no idea, although common sense seems to dictate that this would be at least expected in some form, ie, "how much do we need to bid to win this?", and then doing so. Which is pretty much what happened, with Murray, he asked the same, then bid less. No conspiracy, just blatant stupidity/ineptitude on his part
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