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  1. A hate filled bigot who is completely unfit for the office that he holds.
  2. I can't take any positives from that mess on Sunday.
  3. Tough call but Laudrup for me.
  4. Same here. All time favourite Rangers player.
  5. No chance. Well seen he's involved with the SFA
  6. Most definitely. People with SNP avi's on Twitter always slating Rangers
  7. If Murray was still in charge no doubt it would have gone down the "dignified silence" route. Won't be happening this time and rightly so.
  8. Saw a lot of that about him on Twitter. Plus a snapchat he'd sent saying how he had a lassie in second year as a contact
  9. Think his maw is that SNP bint Christina McKelvie
  10. Big Cousin in that game too. Ferguson and Lovenkrands in 2002 Cup Final
  11. I agree, if you are completely convinced independence is the way to go by all means vote yes, if you are unsure in any way it has to be no. Can't go back to London greeting with tail between the legs if it all goes wrong.
  12. That'll be the same day I join a CSC Colin....never going to happen
  13. Would not have been well received by the lads on my supporters bus.
  14. If a yes vote goes through getting rid of the monarchy will be high on the agenda, make no mistake about that.
  15. Good to have another female on the board
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