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  1. I love how hes had 10 days to come up with a statement, sitting writing a 20 pager while having a few cans all apologetic and humble, at the end reads it back and thinks yes thats good the whole world will feel sorry for us now. gets behind the camera and RAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNT.
  2. Nobodys got Covid except the ones who've got Covid
  3. I struggle sometimes to believe we paid 7 million for kent, he puts in 5 good performances per season, its a lot to pay for so little in return, I'd be thinking about punting him if Leeds still want him for 10-12 million in the summer, we need someone in his position who will be consistant.
  4. It cant be understated the amount of rebuilding they will need after this... new chief exec and more boardroom changes new manager and backroom staff upto 6 players might be sold and also loads of shite bought for good money that will need to be moved on this could set them back years, if we invest wisely and can continue to have good runs in europe we could be out of sight of them for the forseeable future. what a time to be a bear after the dark years weve had.
  5. the fuck is the point of guidi being there "we dont know so no point talking about it" your on a phone in that discusses these things, the point is to talk about it ya muppet
  6. av no even seen ma pal since the old firm, av no even went tae ma wurk
  7. "it has affected our club more than most" aye because yous dont follow the rules ya stinking tramps, players playing when they shouldnt having come back from unauthorised trips abroad to covid hotspots, players clearly not staying in their bubble when holidaying (training) at covid hotspots, players bringing in their burds from overseas during lockdowns (and no even shagging them), putting other players and their families at risk by refusing to test players who could be riddled with the virus, players still not knowing how and when to wear masks, aye its affected yous more than mos
  8. another tramp with no mask, i hope to fuck covid doesnt catch taig
  9. Boyd : At least you got a lot off your chest though.
  10. all the hibs representatives to talk have masks on, first cunt from the taigs to be interviewed doesnt, says a lot
  11. "this is not the club I played for, we werent arrogant all we did was cover up child abuse, this is far worserer"
  12. is it wrong that at nearly 43 years old I had tears rolling down my cheeks watching that? Simply the best!
  13. much harder than it needed to be, shows again our game management is pish, get the finger out lads if we keep shooting ourselves in the foot it will bite us eventually. good 3 points but couldve been alot better.
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