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  1. hope hes awright, wether he played for them or no that was hard to watch.
  2. its also clear the guy picked Kamara out because hes slight in stature, he was standing there with the ball looking on not even saying a word yet Zungu and Goldson were heated at the time, but na he picks on the one he sees as the smallest and targets him with his racist shite, fuckin coward of the highest order.
  3. I keep seeing that their saying that we were trying to injure their players and we were brutal against them, the only bad tackle I can think of is the Roofe one and it was an accident, nothing else in the game from our side was remotely bad. Imagine them playing against the hammer throwers here weekly, they would have something to complain about then. Racist cunts!
  4. dont believe a word they say the lieing cheating diving racist scumbags, hope UEFA throw the book at them.
  5. Goldson: Whats up Glenn? Kamara: He called me this.... Goldson: Oh he did, did he RARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Fuckin love Goldson, thats captain material right there, wanted to kill that racist cunt.
  6. no question for me tonights save was the best save hes ever made, the Bremen one was good but tonight was in another dimension. love the shagger!
  7. 5192 days since I joined. and none better than this day!
  8. Steve Bruce will be available soon, I think the taigs are waiting until hes sacked before confirming interest.
  9. wouldnt put it past the scum to throw their game at the weekend so we dont win it at their midden, it would be their last chance to save a bit of face for their deluded hoardes. I bet its being drummed into them by Kennedy and Strachan "Guys we cannot lose this league at the Girodome, we must save our performance for when sevco come to give our fans something to cheer about"
  10. 20 mins is hard to gauge anything on but looked tidy in posession, always looked to link up, I'd have him in the team next week and give him 60 mins in place of Kent, maybe he could be better used as an impact sub for a couple of games to give him a bit of a rest.
  11. when he first came I thought he would tear this league up and was glad he showed the desire to force through the move to us, but in hindsight 7 million is a lot of money to only perform 4-5 times per season, if I'm honest I think we will be lucky to get the 7 million back for him. On his day he can be terrifying for defenders, but unfortunatly his day isnt very regular at all. I think the old firm games in his first loan season are what swayed us into parting with that cash and we really cant afford to have him as a passenger for 90% of a season. Even though I like him when hes on fo
  12. bang on the money for me
  13. for fuck sake!! I most likely watched that game and cant remember that tackle, that is a career ender if it lands on the knee, a yellow card? ffs honestly this league is corrupt as fuck
  14. is there actually any point having a ref? no matter what he does it will get changed afterwards. we should have Michael Stewart, Andy Walker and Crocker pitchside making the calls, their the ones who call the shots to the compliance officer/panel anyhoo
  15. you know the more i watch it i do think hes trying to trap the ball but it moves at the last second and his foot comes down on the spoon burner, if you notice his head hes always looking at the ball and as soon as he realises hes stood on the spoon burner he takes all his weight off his leg and falls over.
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