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  1. Mobile app will update automatically. Everyone needs to make a new account though using the same email address as before which will link your accounts by the look of it.
  2. Like so many of his Scottish brethren, a career limited by blindness created by pure bias and hate.
  3. During the tougher days I just keep thinking of the 55 party 👍
  4. Nice time to play them. This is will destroy their confidence.
  5. I think we'll look back at that game and realise that was a pivotal 45 mins of football for our football club.
  6. There's no way they could afford him
  7. Jokes on them as the fixtures ease up prior to the split 👍
  8. Looking unlikely they'll be able to string 3 wins together in those games in hand.
  9. County going out to win the second half, fair fucks to them
  10. That's a real boon, no sign of fallen heads or shrunken shoulders. Right back on it
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