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  1. That's not true surely, they're investigating him under the serious assault article which carries the five match ban.
  2. Kamara cited for suspected serious assault - 5 match ban đŸ˜³ Did he stab the cunt?
  3. Won't see him again this season it seems
  4. chris182


    How does one check their points? NVM, found it
  5. Take that ya racist, cheating scumbag. Someone call Scotland Yard!
  6. Two rounds but I understand what you mean
  7. You mentioned we have to sell, sounds forced to me. We shouldn't be held hostage. We hold the bargaining power.
  8. Only if you think we need them!
  9. I just highly doubt the board will be forced into a sale given the potential riches of the CL.
  10. I'd argue we don't if we make the CL groups.
  11. Double it, we don't need to sell and he could be the difference in us making £25-30m from the CL groups.
  12. 150th special edition jersey with a gold Champions badge on one arm, with a CL badge on the other
  13. Premier Sports. The SFA is a joke
  14. Learn something new everyday
  15. Re-enforcements required for sure.
  16. It's always a soft yellow to curb him. Second questionable offence before the game is out to get him sent off, just you watch
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