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  1. More reinforcements for CB so happy at that. We need Goldson tied up to a longer deal ASAP tho
  2. No doubt in my mind he's targeted. Dark undertones to it too IMO.
  3. The amount of shit hes put up with from Porteous, if he had intended to hurt then he would have snapped the guy's leg. How can Caldwell seriously determine intent?
  4. The love-in is absolutely sickening sometimes. The same game Lamont for BBC was doing the highlights and he pretty much ejaculated when talking about Turnbull. Never heard anything like it.
  5. Any slip up by that lot is fatal from here on in. Sudden death. Saying that our trip to Livi looks tasty (pardon the pun).
  6. I think I said if we come out of Jan fixtures with a 7-10 point net gap I'd start to seriously believe. One hand on the trophy for me. Win the next three (home to St J, Killie and away to Hamilton) and the tramps will be tapping out.
  7. We better lawyer up if so, there's a fuck ton of precident in terms of incidents which have not even touched the CO desk.
  8. The ref seen it and called it as he saw it according to McGregor - accidental, not a stamp. No red for me.
  9. Commentator x 2, Studio guest, Presenter, Interviewer. Every one of them.
  10. Our solicitors will have a field day highlighting double standards if the CO comes calling. On the incident itself, the ref and mcGregor both said it didn't look deliberate. There was no massive downward force, nowhere else to put his foot.
  11. Could hear McFadden squirming there when asked about it.
  12. Jesus, Sky giving it big licks. Asking the same question 20 ways
  13. The Sky lassie's been coming out pretty bitter last few games.
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