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  1. Stumbled over the line in the playoff and we haven't improved since. Despite the league position it's not looking good IMO. We look piss fucking poor and a shadow team of last season.
  2. Is in particular is indefensible. The free press indeed.
  3. I think we have to trust the board on this one.
  4. Always said it would be their comfort blanket when we were back at the top of the tree after 2012. Never doubted it for a second.
  5. Unless it's proven fake, the club can't say much more than that tbf.
  6. Fucking great result. Well deserved, we were brilliant. Long may it continue.
  7. Sums up our season so far to lose another fucking player to isolation rules. Massive hard reset needed during the international break.
  8. Based on McAllisters interview I'd say Roofe was included in that number and maybe Wright as he mentioned injuries and suspensions.
  9. That sounded woeful following on here. Relieved more than anything we are through. Bank the cash and move on. These performances though do not bode well for the rest of the season.
  10. Morelos must play tomorrow, no gambles. We have Roofe on Sunday if the worst happens
  11. Qualify for the EL then all emphasis on League, please. Couldn't give a shit about last 32, 16 whatever. League is the priority. Get our form sorted Gerrard.
  12. Why no Roofe when he's banned midweek. Wright injury rumours true then. Barasic not even on the bench...
  13. Our crosses and set pieces in particular so far have been utter shite. Malmö and that Armenian mob had a weakness at set pieces and yet we failed miserably to exploit it.
  14. Worrying. Sheff utd fans said the same of Lundstram I'm sure
  15. Pressure all on us next Sunday and from what we have seen thus far it'll show. Big game for Gerrard.
  16. We needed CL groups or to sell before we buy. Can't be much of a surprise
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