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  1. Went down to watch him against Luton back in October and he was probably one of the better players on the park. A few well timed runs and some good touches, didn't seem afraid to get stuck into a tackle either. Not entirely the finished article yet, was caught out of position a couple of times and a particularly unneccesary foul outside the area but definitley coming along quite well. Friend of mine who's a season ticket holder down there is certainly impressed.
  2. Fantastic work Dado :unionflag:
  3. Think there was/is a 24 hour downtime for maintenance on Live. Not 100% sure though.
  4. http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/index.php?...78275&st=25 For those that missed it.
  5. Here we go. Dodgy team, but it's the one we're putting out so let's get tore into these mhanky bastards!
  6. If true, this is getting beyond a joke, we're only three weeks in!
  7. Disappointing after the first half, but that's another decision on the list. Poor result going into next week.
  8. Looking back I can't remember Colin Hendry's form being anywhere near as good as it was at Blackburn. Other than that the rest of the list seems to be fairly accurate.
  9. If this one has legs Walter really has been playing FM another superstar.
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