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  1. Thus increasing our chances of winning the title infront of the scum, sounds good.
  2. Sportsound website has it down as starting at 22:30
  3. wild_bill

    First time

    Well with some time to kill I figured I should probably attempt this malarky, C&C welcome.
  4. What attack? Nothing happened. Honest. Now...
  5. Hemdani and both for me, Thomson really seems to up his game when playing along sided Hemdani. Which leaves those to holding and Fergie pushing forward (as seen against Caley). The problem with playing all three limits our options elsewhere and we end up with the much maligned though very succesful 4-5-1, given our performances against Hearts and Motherwell, perhaps we should be playing 4-5-1 away from home?
  6. Actually last night, whilst trying to soak in the result, I thought to myself "I wonder what Shogun thought". The man's a legend! Hopefully he'll make it back to dry land soon.
  7. Brilliant from Hutton, nice finish from Adam too, time to go for it!
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