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  1. Please someone put that in 😂
  2. The press got a reaction in Larkhall to him signing, it was on national BBC news all over UK. Know a guy from Burnbank who has never been back and his old man chucked it as well.
  3. Few fans at Liverpool game and clive tyldesley doing commentary on amazon.
  4. What is going on over at the Copenhagen fans? Snp cops trying to arrest the whole team 😂 faces on them they are gutted and studio saying don't blame them for celebrating aye no bother fuds see ya 🥳
  5. Turn the lights on for the last dance
  6. Big update today 50 v 50 back but two buses map split down middle 10 mins or something to get shit then mayhem Instant pop up forts for useless players like me throw grenade and fort pops up. Loads of guns nerfed and some ammo harder to find like rockets about time
  7. Got it on snes mini still great game. Does anyone remember the original microprose soccer?
  8. Does my head in 3 of them all at different parts of the map they should just play solo.
  9. Snobby Shores is usually good for stuff last house on the block of 5 houses has a secret bunker behind a wadrobe on the bottom floor. Only bad thing is the circle is usually the other side of the map so you run for 10 mins to be killed by a bush when you get there.
  10. Game is great and very bad for my blood pressure. get into last 10 nearly every game shoot at someone and they start building big ben then after i have fired about 300 rounds to kill them someone runs up and shoots me in the back of the head! Mrs even started playing this now and she got into the last 5 the other night, some guy killed her and all she had was the pick axe and a medi kit he looked gutted on screen
  11. Seen on their news feed there is going to be team games of 20 players a team. Great game, not very good at it but usually wait till near the end of the timer and jump out and by the time i get into the circle most people have been killed. Finally managed to build a half decent fort last night until some cunt blew the wall down and ran in and shot me in the head.
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