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  1. Lad was a fantastic talent. I'll wait till I see him actually turn out before I get excited. We might not hear news again until the summer. I still think this lad can become a solid SPL player for us if he comes back. Hes obviously missed far too much football at a crucial age for him to go on and hit the heights he was destined for. But he can still be an effective player at this level.
  2. Still no news. Looks like we've lost out on a big talent. Gutted for the lad and for us.
  3. Don't get me wrong, he has truly outstanding talent. But lets say he only plays a dozen games this season. He will be well into his 21st year by the time next season gets running and hes missed almost all of these key years in development. Players that make it at the top level almost all were playing regular first team football in their teens. He would have been in the team at 18 had it not been for injury and this trends seems to be continuing, with his latest mystery injury being the most concerning. He could be out till Feb-March for all we know. It makes me sick, all the talented players t
  4. So know one knows? Effectively we could be being kept in the dark that hes finished. Does my nut in when we get no news re: injuries.
  5. That has already happened. He has missed the most crucial years in his development. He would have, but won't now play at a level higher than the SPL. But we can still hope he will turn out a handy player at that level.
  6. Are we likely to see him back this year? What is the injury now?
  7. When it comes to ignoring talented youngsters in favour of "reliable" cloggers, he learned from the best. What did you expect.
  8. Did we have any idea of how long this one is for? Or is it a case of hear nothing for months.
  9. Gutted for the lad. He had all the footballing attributes to eventually play at the highest level. I still think he will have a role to play for us but he has lost years of development already and will continue to do so. Its a shame the lad will never see a higher level than the SPL.
  10. Hes finished. We've stagnated his development and allowed him to rot. He should have been sent out on loan a long time ago. At this age, hes missed far too much competitive football to amount to anything more than a decent SPL player. Hes not a kid anymore.
  11. Never to be heard from again seemingly. No sign of him. Very worrying if these injuries are keeping him out for so long. Potential to be an amazing player but looks like the injuries have robbed him of that.
  12. Even if he does, I can't see him coming back from this injury for a while yet anyway.
  13. I would agree. His injuries will ensure that won't happen though. Can't see him getting back in the team.
  14. Realistically, we won't hear about/see Ness for another 4-6 weeks. After that he will be lucky if he makes 10 starts this season due to further injuries and the fact Ally won't want to play a lad that he isn't able to rely on to be fit so the new midfielders will take his place. Shame as he has all the same attributes as Charlie Adam and would have went on to be a similar success imo. Potentially great player, robbed of a career through injuries.
  15. Would love to see him get a run of games as a second striker. Can't see it happening unfortunately. Think Ally will have been influenced by Smith's reluctance to play talented youngsters infront of "reliable" cloggers with McCulloch and will likely do the same.
  16. So at least hes making progress. I guess we're talking maybe October-November before we srart seeing him in squads agin though.
  17. Anyone know the progress on this at the moment. Worrying that he didn't make the squad for Germany. They discovered that he had one leg bigger than the other or something and they were working on that last time I heard. Any idea when he is going to be back? Terrible that he has missed a full pre-season, as his fitness wasn't looking the best anyway. Boy has bags of talent, would be criminal if his injury ruins him.
  18. Gordon/Greggs Hutton Hanley Wilson Wallace Fletcher Dorrans Adam Bannan Goodwillie Fletcher Could be very good in a few years.
  19. Thoughts on who will get playing time? You would think Ness would be a first choice midfielder.
  20. I think Ness is the best of the three. However not sure if he will be fit in time and without a proper full pre season he could get overtaken and lose his place. If he can stay fit he should be starting every week. We have a proper cultured player here, great passer and a good brain. In terms of Fleck his confidence looks shot. But hes been around a few years now and the nerves must be dying down. I hope he screws the nut and Ally plays him in a more central role. Wylde I think although the least technically gifted of the three will be a big threat with his pace and I think will see more actio
  21. Guys a loose cannon. Wouldn't touch him.
  22. True. He didn't have the best season but Man U are solid when hes playing. Far more than a water carrier though. He was picked up at 16 due to his exceptional passing ability for his age. He was billed as the new Beckham. Although hes more cautious with it in his current role.
  23. Berra is the lesser of two evils imo. In terms of left backs. Wallace as faded due to injuries but I think that hibs boy Booth will turn out a player. Hes very highly rated. Good attacking full back. But year on paper it looks very, very good. Been so long since we had so many playing at the highest level.
  24. With Adam going to Liverpool, it seems that Scotland potentially have some very good options in midfield. We have so many players plying their trade in the EPL compared to previous years which can only be a good thing. If these lad consolidate first team football and screw the nut we could do well. Adam Dorrans Bannan Snodgrass (imo if a EPL side doesn't sign him this summer then they will next) D. Fletcher -------- And we have some crackers coming through like Fyvie and our very own Ness.
  25. Yep. My hopes of him becoming a top player are pretty much out the windae. Not going to get myself excited about this one.
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