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  1. We need a drastic upturn in form in November and I can't see it just now. Pressure is clearly getting to a lot of players.
  2. December and the game on 2nd January will decide where it goes.
  3. We still have to go to Pittodrie, Easter Road, Tynecastle and Fir Park. They've been to them all. We need to find form rapidly before the December run of fixtures. Praying Kent comes back and hits the ground running. I just get the feeling we are papering over the cracks at the moment.
  4. Been murder during the week this year mate and will likely be worse tonight. Our bus is leaving Douglas at 6pm, hopefully not to bad.
  5. Aberdeen fans try to hard to be offensive. Their most decorated manager was a great friend of Walter Smith's yet they still poke and prod for a reaction, deranged bastards.
  6. Two favourites are probably the goal to beat Legia and also the one at home vs Porto.
  7. Done really well to turn the header in. Got a brilliant record scoring against Aberdeen so hopefully this is the start of many.
  8. He certainly wasn't wrong in that interview when Price did turn out to be a "big stiff idiot" 🤣
  9. Don't think it's changed yet unless I'm missing something. Hopefully it gets changed sharpish.
  10. Can't wait, dd you have any hassle with checks going through airports with Covid tests etc?
  11. Going to Albufeira on the 31st. Was it busy? Playing Penina, Morgado and O'Connor Jr Courses.
  12. He's integral to that front three, out of form or not.
  13. That boy there was hilarious 🤣 he said throw Bolingoli in twice despite him being reminded hes not in their squad.
  14. 1. Ailsa Turnberry 2. Kingsbarns 3. Torrequebrada Benalmadena
  15. Was surprised they punted Edourd and Christie very late on tbh, both poor last season but miles better than the likes of Ajeti and Rogic.
  16. Mcilroy out first, fuck noes why.
  17. I'd give big Tam Bjorn it again, maybe get some drive inty the players unlike Harrington
  18. McIlroy has to be the European equivalent of Woods in the Ryder Cup, shocking and shouldn't play at all tomorrow.
  19. We were two points better off at this stage that year. No chance.
  20. Procession from here on in for the Yanks.
  21. Cantlay and Shauffelle were even money to win the match, printing money considering their record at the Presidents Cup and how poor form McIlroy and Poulter are in. Pity I'm no longer a gambling man
  22. Nope, Poulter shouldn't even have been picked in the first place. Rose all day long.
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