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  1. After Jack scored against Killie he said that the coaching staff had been encouraging the team to take more shots from distance, sadly other than Hagi I don't think we have a genuine threat from distance and he is wasted playing wide.
  2. It'll be some job to whittle the goal of the season shortlist down.
  3. Signed from Brighton at the end of his contract spent 2nd half of last season at Wigan
  4. To take it a step further the two times we made the group stage after 92/93 we only managed 3 points each time with a combined 1 win, 3 draws and 8 defeats.
  5. The only top teams we played after that season were Juventus and Dortmund and they were in the same group stage and Ajax in the group stage the following season, we were a shambles against teams like AEK, Gothenburg, Levski , etc..
  6. Did better in his second spell when he didn't have the dosh, hate to see his record if it only included his first spell.
  7. Slight calf strain should be ok for the kilmarnock game
  8. That's the line-up I thought it would be except I thought Balogun would come in for Helander.
  9. Swap Helander for Balogun and I have a feeling Aribo will play in the front 3 instead of Hagi.
  10. It's correct, as is Klopp at Liverpool, both signed contract extensions within days of each other.
  11. Probably right, has a rolling contract so if sacked is owed a year's pay same as Ally when we got rid of him.
  12. With refs like Walsh they'll get free reign to try their best, he only started to do his job properly after the 3rd goal went in.
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