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  1. Swap Helander for Balogun and I have a feeling Aribo will play in the front 3 instead of Hagi.
  2. It's correct, as is Klopp at Liverpool, both signed contract extensions within days of each other.
  3. Probably right, has a rolling contract so if sacked is owed a year's pay same as Ally when we got rid of him.
  4. With refs like Walsh they'll get free reign to try their best, he only started to do his job properly after the 3rd goal went in.
  5. Football writers award yes, players award probably not going by the ridiculous number of times a one of their players has won it since it's inception.
  6. Koeman did play midfield for a large part of his career, wasn't till his late 20's he moved back to defence.
  7. Howe got homesick moving from Bournemouth to Burnley so he went back, the last time I checked Glasgow is further away so I reckon you can file that under no chance. Howe will probably end up at the first decent London club that offers him a job.
  8. Think Tav scored too, also don't think Roofe touched the ball for Hagi's goal and does Kent not get an assist for his shot being parried out for Tav's goal.
  9. If Roofe touched it then it was a definite offside and you can chalk it up as one for the good guys.
  10. Thought Hagi was offside when I seen it live but I'm not sure if Roofe got a touch or it was the defender that flicked it anyway the assistant couldn't see it from where he was so glad he guessed our way.
  11. Seen the same thing happen during one of the English games and nothing happened
  12. In the last 5 years I've seen more poor decisions from refs than in the previous 30 years following Rangers. Is it poorer refs or a consequence of the referees strike or a bit of both but what can't be denied is that they are benefiting from these decisions far more than we are because we are an easy touch and the refs know they can get away with mistakes against us because the media won't pursue it and neither will the club.
  13. donegal_ger


    The thing is he's never been able to do those things, his whole game has been based on him being very quick and hard working getting in behind scoring the odd difficult one and missing all the easy ones. His legs have been gone since he came back and he just gets in others way now.
  14. Don't see many changes for this one 2/3 at most, with the game on Saturday I can see Alves and Miller rested for Wilson and Morelos, and Tav back for Hodson. Hopefully Pena gets about 30mins because that means we'll be coasting it!
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