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  1. Gerrard usually throws a curveball in these games and I reckon it'll be Arfield wide right, Jack in midfield and Hagi dropped.
  2. Think Tav scored too, also don't think Roofe touched the ball for Hagi's goal and does Kent not get an assist for his shot being parried out for Tav's goal.
  3. If Roofe touched it then it was a definite offside and you can chalk it up as one for the good guys.
  4. Thought Hagi was offside when I seen it live but I'm not sure if Roofe got a touch or it was the defender that flicked it anyway the assistant couldn't see it from where he was so glad he guessed our way.
  5. Since Rice took over they've had a decent go at us, I don't expect anything different on Saturday
  6. Seen the same thing happen during one of the English games and nothing happened
  7. Supposedly he's never refused to do anything they've asked him to do so they keep trying to find even crazier things for him to do.
  8. Would take a sweep on how many fouls it takes for Power to get booked I think 5 is a fair bet.
  9. Both booked and remain on the park whilst committing numerous bookable tackles during the match like every match we play against them
  10. We were linked with him before then when he was leaving Oxford when Warburton was in charge.
  11. Khabib v Gaethje announced for 24th October.
  12. Signed for Como so he could go up and down the lake in his speed boat setting off fireworks!
  13. Would be my selection too!
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