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  1. Got to be Wallace for me. He deserves it as the only top player we had that stayed that could easily have gone. His POTY performances the last two years as well he has been leading by example anyway. It can't be Jig or Daly as I can't believe for a minute either will feature as starters too often.
  2. A wee bump for this thread, and to wish everyone going on this a great day. Having done this a couple of times now, it really is a must for any Bear who loves a sense of history and nostalgia surrounding our club.
  3. RIP Manticore. A sad loss to RM. Thoughts with his family.
  4. We have usually had a 30 goal a season centre forward as well with McCoist, Boyd, Mols, (Negri even!!). Sadly our current crop fail at every level apart from Wallace at LB.
  5. Helicopter Sunday by a mile of course for those of us not old enough to remember '75 but a fav of mine is the league cup final of '94 where McCoist comes off the bench for his first game back after a leg break and scores an overhead kick to win it in extra time. He wrote his own scripts in those days!!
  6. There were 11 UB young lads arrested that night, and in the subsequent court cases that have just ended, 10 of the 11 were cleared of all charges and freed. So no prizes for guessing which part of the story the media are running with? Thats right, the one who got convicted of banging a drum. I'm not a huge fan of the UB and totally opposed to their love of pyro, but I am glad these young Bears got justice here. I was fortunate enough to see the video evidence of that night soon after the event, and it was clear to me that this was a complete over-reaction from the Police, and one officer in pa
  7. More power to you Moonlighter, thanks for sharing this with us.
  8. I am not talking about anyone else, just giving my own opinion. And I am not boycotting my club, I will be there every game. As I say, it is more worrying about those who are "boycotting" until they get managerial change, that is far more worthy of your ire.
  9. I think we all want to know where he stands in the current boardroom troubles. Does he think this board are suitable for our great club? Does he know who really holds the power at our club? Would he consider getting involved at boardroom level again under different circumstances?
  10. You just dont get it. For those who are going to pay game by game, they will give the club more money over the course of the season than someone buying a ST in May. They are trying to hold the board accountable for their actions, or with this board it should be inactions. It would be great if we had an alternative to back, who was buying up shares and had a clear focus of running the club properly, not on the whim of hedge funds and middle-eastern businessmen like is happening just now, but we don't. It seems clear to me that King is not cut out for this, given his inactivity over recent week
  11. It is the same shareholders, who appoint the board. While I am happy to give Wallace more time to see if he can produce something, it is clear he is fighting against the Easdales, who are only there to carry out the wishes of BPH and Margarita, whose proxies got him onto the board in place of Green. It is the same people in power behind the throne.
  12. There were documents leaked that showed who was in charge of Blue Pitch Holdings, and it was a Lebanese laywer whose name escapes me. El-something or other. The document was the one where he approves his Patsy onto the board last summer and wants Malcolm Murray kicked off.
  13. No it wasn't. The Credit facility Company told the club in January it would need additional security as our accounts were so bad.
  14. I have not renewed and I believe this board is seriously bad news. My thoughts have been that I will wait and see what happens over the summer. I am not bothered about my seat, it will probably still be there when I renew, and if not I will get another one. I have sat in just about every part of the ground before so not too bothered if I have to move. GOAT says what if i'm wrong. Wrong about what? The fact that Easdale is bad news and is controlling our football club via proxies from middle-eastern dodgy businessmen and hedge funds. Fairly sure i'm right about that. Wrong about our board pissi
  15. Haven't renewed yet. Will probably do so but I want the board to feel a little uneasy first as I do not believe they are doing a good job. I wont be signing up to King's plan as he has not given any detailed plans of what he wants to do or how he wants to run the club. I, like the majority of Rangers fans as far as we can make out, are in a wait and see situation just now, hoping the board can get its act together or King can start putting his money where his mouth is.
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