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  1. What time would you have it? Its live on ESPN and UEFA rules state NO live football is to be broadcast on Satuday between 2:45pm and 5:15pm (5:30KO? - not exactly great time). If its not 12 noon Saturday, we have Saturday night at 5:15pm we could have played it, Sunday ESPN have Man City v Newcaslte from 12:30pm and have Sarasens v Leicestire tigers at 4PM and Inter v Juv after that live so no room on Sunday. While it is not ideal, its the only slot availible to us to hold the match.
  2. "tennis girl" - the photographgers girlfriend was posing for this image
  3. Why would i tell my mother about anything that happens on the internet?! Calling a perosn names, for no reason is just not right. the bottom line is, you;re calling me names for posting a pic of the WTC, where 2977 people, 4 of whom i knew, were murdered that horrible day.
  4. fuck off. All because i have the memories of them, knew people who worked in them and were murdered that day in them, does not mean to say i am a creep. When you live in a city that has had such a horrible thing happen to it, will you understand the meaning behind such images
  5. It's one of the most beautiful buildings in NY. Most people go and see the empire, rockyfellar, chrysler, liberty and (pre 9/11) WTC but not many people go lower than 33rd/broadway so they dont get the chance to see all of that now. Lower manhattan and even tribeca has some lovley buildings
  6. Best view is top of the empire state building imo tho you are high up lol - look down and you see tiny yellow dots (cabs) - try it one day haha (its safe cos im scared of heights too ol) Agree about the image though. Just a powerful image for me,
  7. Twin towers behind the brooklyn bridge. Such an amazing view that we will never see again. Looking up at the twin towers in a very cloudy day - you can't see the top! In this nice sunny day, you can see the top of the WTC!
  8. upload to imageshack.us if its not uploaded to a website, then use the following code [img]image code in here[/img] example [img=http://cache2.artprintimages.com/p/LRG/7/767/ZNSZ000Z/henri-silberman-new-york-new-york-brooklyn-bridge.jpg]
  9. All i can add is one from my second home - quite honest, the most amazing powerful picture i have ever seen and witnessed and another from Ground zero a few days after 9/11
  10. no so get your arse to Ibrox lol and to who asked - its free for all, adults, juv and conc. our smartcards have been activated for the game
  11. 1 minute to hold on - this is like 3 points for us, fantastic!
  12. people writ us off, we wont get a point out of the 6 games, - well we are fucking close at getting 3 at old trafford!
  13. I recon about 5 mins extra time too - if we can score in 94th min..... COME ON RANGERS!!!!!!
  14. fast, pacy and better than davis atm plus he is a winger, we need one to cross balls in
  15. Weiss on, Davis off. Beattie on, Edu off. We can get this if we go for it actually. With valencia 4-0 up aswell....
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