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  1. I remember having a chat with Adam Owen who was the fitness coach at the time in the team hotel in Eindhoven and he said he was the best player he’d ever worked with. Probably didn’t quite fulfil his potential in terms of the career he ended up having given his talent.
  2. Fucking hell lads very good point you make here, never thought about it like that. Brought a smile to my face reading that. Until the day I die I’ll never forget going to Ibrox with my old man and watching Laudrup float around that pitch like some kind of magician. Your kids and kids of this era have had fucking Ross Perry, Emerson Cribari, Sean Goss and Myles Beerman to name a few! Now they’ve got some proper heroes to watch when the Rangers are playing. This one is most definitely for them and getting their chance to be the kings of the playground.
  3. I’m happy with that! Could have been both harder and easier. I don’t think we have anything to fear. Quietly confident
  4. Would love spurs because I genuinely think we’d do them and the satisfaction of gubbing an English team would be off the scale
  5. Thanks mate @RFCRobertsonabsolutely taking the piss with the amount of time it’s taken to get this up imo
  6. So glad to see him back to playing well, clearly meant a huge amount to him that goal as well.
  7. @RFCRobertsonany chance of the gaffers post match being uploaded missed it (out for a run, fat boy loyal 🇬🇧) TIA
  8. I didn’t mate, although I have to admit I normally watch all my football on there with my firestick. Normally really enjoy their coverage I have to say.
  9. Would have taken Young Boys.....before seeing they’ve put 5 past Leverkusen over two legs with 45 mins left to play.
  10. How much do you love seeing threads like this after the banter years! Drink it in Bears!
  11. Penny for Jones and Edmundson’s thoughts on this btw. Regardless of what you make of them as players, seems like they were dealt far more harshly than this latest group.
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