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  1. Kris Boyd is fast becoming the new Rangers Seal.
  2. Talk of it being included within the MyGers package next season apparently
  3. Get to fuck, you’re losing the plot big time. Absolutely fuck all to moan about today, on the contrary it’s been a fucking superb day and week.
  4. Desperate for them to drop points here but I’m also desperate for them to not sack Lennon which I think could be on the cards if they lose here.
  5. When a man of SG’s standing in the game says it’s the best goal he’s ever seen, you know it’s special.
  6. My argument would be good coaching leads to winning trophies. Hopefully that will be the case soon but we’ve got too many legends that have been at the helm for the current staff to even come close. We’ll agree to disagree mate not going to argue with a good bear after another night like that.
  7. Aye but best we’ve ever been coached. Frankly, no. We’ve won fuck all for a very long time.
  8. Spot on mate and we shouldn’t forget that. Few years back, who’d have thought we’d be routinely picking up European points with relative ease again. So proud of where we’ve come, so much still to do but certainly on the right track.
  9. Let’s just enjoy the win and not get sucked into the hyperbole, this place swings like a fucking pendulum. Next time we don’t pick up 3 points, it’ll be “Gerrard can GTF and take that fat useless cunt Beale with him as well”.
  10. What’s the crack with the surname? Why isn’t it Bassey? Have I missed something?
  11. For anyone that has played football, and I consider myself not the worst player in the world, I can’t even kick the ball that far never mind hit it with that venom, swerve and accuracy. Fucking outrageous
  12. People criticise him, but for me the penny has dropped with him and he knows what it’s going to take now.
  13. We knew who we were coming to represent 😍
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