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  1. People criticise him, but for me the penny has dropped with him and he knows what it’s going to take now.
  2. We knew who we were coming to represent 😍
  3. The guy knows a midfielder when he sees one, if he thinks he deserves it then that’s good enough for me.
  4. He’s some player and it shouldn’t be underestimated how big as result that is. The banter years seem a long way away when we’re cruising past Galatasaray in Europe.
  5. One flew over the cuckoo’s nest after a poor result
  6. I love how cunts are automatically considered either one of them or one of us 🤣 No cunt outside of Scotland really gives a fuck. She’s a geordie girl who happened to get a job working for us, I think she can be spared the vitriol for a comment she made on twitter however many years ago before she worked for us. Fucking brutal on here at times.
  7. I remember the Ryan Jack one really divided opinion on here at the time. Half of posters thought it was harsh, half thought it was a merited red card. I guess it comes down to 'endangering an opponent/excessive force', I personally think both Jack and the one from yesterday on Morelos are both reds. You simply can't tackle like that anymore.
  8. Decent interview that. Can’t believe that stat about Tavernier only ever missing three training sessions in his whole Rangers career.
  9. Absolutely ruined that CBs Xmas for the first goal
  10. do you know what happened in the dressing room? Heard plenty people that were in the dressing room say it was nothing untoward, certainly no violence or anything that deserved a suspension. Again should have been dealt with by the manager but he was incapable.
  11. 🤣🤣🤣 so they had the sanctions rescinded but they were actually guilty. Very good. “The players appealed that the process utilised by the club in arriving at the decision to sanction them had been unfair. you’ve still to answer who reported it to HR? We’ll agree to disagree I don’t really fancy indulging you in your favourite part time of arguing with folk on the internet. Truth of the matter is most people know how out of his depth he was and the awful decisions he made but it’s not like you to go against the grain.
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