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  1. I can’t stand any of the names you’ve just mentioned and I still don’t like racism. Oh and I’m working class and I still don’t like racism.
  2. Oh mate labelling people Guardian readers because they don’t like racism says pretty much everything I need to know about you. That and your utter drivel in the O/T most days clearly shows the kind of bloke you are. You are nailed on to be the exact kind of cunt the club is trying to keep away from Ibrox, couldn’t fit it anymore perfectly.
  3. Ah OK so we are numpties for standing with our own players when they’re taking a stand against racial inequality. Great post
  4. Ah racism is perfectly acceptable if it’s only a few, I see. What an utter wank of a guy you are. You need to take a long hard look at yourself. Just admit it you don’t mind a bit of racism.
  5. The bit where they got lambasted for missing penalties because of the colour of their skin, not sure if you seen it
  6. After the England debacle it’s quite obvious why players feel they should continue to take a stand and rightly so. I would question anybody’s morals that has a problem with people making a stand against racism. Also, not really a great start when we are trying to get Goldson to sign a new contract and some of his own fans are churning out that shite. Absolutely no need.
  7. Comes a time where we do actually NEED to sell some these assets in order to then reinvest. Case to be made that if we got to the champions league and he scored goals there that we’d command a much higher fee but that’s all ifs and buts. The model is buy cheap and sell big and that unfortunately needs to happen sooner or later with one or two.
  8. While we are on the subject bet365 been an absolute shambles for weeks throughout the tournament. Taking down the my bets feature so people can’t cash out, their Twitter feed when they were doing it made for some interesting reading. Surprised it hasn’t been picked up by one of the papers, they were doing it every day.
  9. Game finished a draw mate. You’d have needed ‘Italy to lift the trophy’ option for them to do it beyond the 90 mins.
  10. All very well hammering the decision for Saka to be the penalty taker but there was clearly method in the plan. The boys selected were the best ones during all the practise they’ve done as Southgate said in his post match. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Henderson was getting nowhere near one because he’s missed his last two for England.
  11. Better team won on the night, all this 55 years of hurt nonsense and they never showed up tonight England. Possibly scored too early. Looked like they were playing for 1-0 after minute 2.
  12. I must admit mate I used to work for Oxford United so would often go and watch them and I was surprised he got a move to a higher level when he left Oxford and went to you. Your summary of him sounds fairly average and I’ll take your word for that because there were lengthy spells where he couldn’t get in your team even when it was struggling last season. what I would say is he’ll be better for the premier league experience and to be fair to our recruitment team they don’t get many wrong so I’ll put my trust in them with this one that they think he can do a job.
  13. Sterling was a joke tonight can’t believe the stick he gets, constantly trying to get at players and make things happen. Superb player
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