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  1. Superb mate, hope it’s what you were after when it arrives 👍🏻
  2. That’s spot on mate they can’t advertise them with badge or even Adidas or whatever the kit maker is due to copyright. My mate has a theory that they’re made in the same place where the genuine strips are made because they always seem to know what the latest strips are before they’re anywhere near due for release. Honestly unbelievable copies, just wouldn’t wash them on too high a wash!
  3. Group 1 - STH + CCCS + My Gers Group 2 - STH + CCCS Group 3 - STH + MyGers Group 4 - STH Group 5 - MyGers Group 6 = General Sale that’s the order in which they’re dished out mate.
  4. Got two from DH gate and they’re belters, you’d never know they are fakes. I know plenty of other lads that have also ordered various strips. Really worth it.
  5. Photo looks like it’s been taken with a Potato but was lucky enough to be staying in the team hotel one away trip against PSV must be 10 years ago now and my Dad and I managed to get a few minutes talking to him in the bar after the game and he was a gentlemen through and through. It was one of those moments where you could feel the aura of somebody, he felt like a giant. I couldn’t have put it any better than a previous poster, as somebody born in 86 he feels like everything when it comes to Rangers. He was born to be a hero at our club. What an utter legend of a man.
  6. To me he looks like he’s not playing on he edge anymore and frankly he’s half the player when he isn’t snarling at the opposition. He looks so passive and lethargic at times, I can remember games when he ran a back four amok on his own. I hope we can’t get that form back.
  7. Tbf couldn’t agree more sometimes I see cunts getting up 3/4 times a game. Never understand it.
  8. in a nutshell - it’s the same tune as the famine song so big bad Rangers are racists for using it in conjunction with the 150 video
  9. Possibly the worst decision Gerrard has made since he’s been at the club has been letting Katic go out on loan and keeping Simpson. It’s genuinely shambolic.
  10. We look like how we looked in that spell before Covid when it almost looked like the end of Gerrard. I hope they have answers soon, it’s a very good job the Tarriers are pish.
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