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  1. Possibly the worst decision Gerrard has made since he’s been at the club has been letting Katic go out on loan and keeping Simpson. It’s genuinely shambolic.
  2. We look like how we looked in that spell before Covid when it almost looked like the end of Gerrard. I hope they have answers soon, it’s a very good job the Tarriers are pish.
  3. Sometimes you hold your hands up ffs, they’re a better side than we are. I’d take getting pumped 2-0 off of Lyon all day long to just be back playing European competition compared to where we were not so long ago, some cunts have short memories.
  4. What a fucking mental thread! The lad puts it on a postage stamp for the first goal with a beauty of a strike from about 25 yards+out and OP is claiming we never concede good goals 🥴
  5. Young lads getting beat 3-0 off a full time championship side is nothing to be ashamed of. Nights like tonight will do great for their development, this is exactly why we signed up to this format. Remember it’s not about getting 11 through to the first team, it’s about the one or two that just MIGHT make it.
  6. Elland Road shits all over anything in England, goosebumps when it’s rocking in there.
  7. If we really have rejected big bids, huge credit to the board for their continued financial backing. It’s clearly offset with the gamble that we win the league and go directly into CL but with the way the Tarriers were on their knees last season it was probably a calculated gamble that will hopefully come to fruition.
  8. I take your point mate but it’s not going away unfortunately we have to live with it now, how else do these games get played? No chance they will shit can big tournaments like euros/WC. Can’t stay cooped/bubbled up forever.
  9. Think you’re spot on mate tbh. As much as this is completely shite, as soon as they get the big gig they should have been on the ball enough to realise something like this would probably happen. I’ve got a job that has zero exposure or interest to any cunt but even I make sure that nothing can get back to bite me on the arse either with what I post now or historically. It’s fairly common knowledge that employers will try to trawl socials to get a heads up on individuals.
  10. Ofcourse it is, why would they get a vaccine for a disease that has a ridiculously low chance of killing them or even hospitalising them. I only had it done because the way things were going it was looking like it would stop some of my civil liberties like going on holiday or going to a football match, as has been proven today.
  11. No manager, no RBS, No Keepers, No Wright and No Jack and we still beat them. Anyone I missed, I’m pished?
  12. My old man in the North Yorkshire Loyal watching it in Harrogate and Stuart McCall is in there watching the game with the Bears, what a fucking guy!
  13. Get it right fucking up them big man
  14. Love it midweek if the gaffer comes out and says this is a load of shite.
  15. Shows you how much pish gets talked on here he had a bad game once upon a time and he’s been considered shite by plenty since. Really glad to see him proving doubters wrong. He’s got ALL the attributes to play at the top level, everything a modern day full back should be.
  16. Superb pal, cheers for getting in touch. Yeh my kind of food in there, glad you enjoyed it mate. All the best 👍🏻
  17. He’s playing tonight 🤣 so my original point stands. He’s been training full contact with the team since pre season started, he’s just not been given the opportunity to play. It’s been over a year since his surgery, almost 14 months actually.
  18. We’ll see, I’m more than confident Katic can be a mainstay for us eventually. It’s not like Goldson was particularly consistent before last season. In fact quite the opposite, people have short memories albeit he was great last season.
  19. Mate you thought Windass was a player, that’s the relevance of your opinion
  20. He’s been training for ages, the reason he’s not match fit yet is fuck all to do with his injury more the fact Goldson is the golden boy and won’t get overlooked regardless of his form. How else is Katic supposed to get match fit if he doesn’t get minutes.
  21. Correct, people saying Katic is shite clearly don’t watch us very often. Could count on one hand the amount of bad games he’s had.
  22. Plenty of occasions especially the 7/8 games before Covid where it was exactly as it has been these past few games.
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