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  1. Chelsea fans were different class today no denying it,best atmosphere for a long time at ibrox,and that includes OF games,
  2. just back from game,both sets of fans filming themselves singing banned?sectarian?songs in the concourse of the broomloan,will defo end up on you tube!!it was mental and a laugh but get the feeling the mhank media will pick up on this and we will be hauled over the coals again!! funny though how the pride over prejudice,police or stewards did not intervene!!!
  3. bon03

    SPL 11

    Your kidding? Still states on Hearts site he's with them. nope shame was mentioned cumin to us would have been a good signing!! but rasputin got in b4 us
  4. bon03

    SPL 11

    brellier? is this spl 11 or championship 11? thought he had signed for norwich
  5. gough in infamous 2-2 game against unwashed!! he scored the goal but had to run to congratulate durranty as everyone had jumped on him!!! felt a bit sorry for goughie
  6. larrson hartson sutton????????????? in the blue of rangers
  7. how low can we go??? desperation better not set in!!! :rant:
  8. rather have Miss Day!!!!!! :Animation44:
  9. bon03


    that kind of player is priceless!weve never had anyone in the middle of the park since McCall!
  10. bon03


    just gets better!!! please come home soon!!!! :Animation44:
  11. hes got a chance (header)
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