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  1. no child beer in hand.......children make you miserable..FACT
  2. i fucking am miserable lynn his name is lucas and he crys and sleeps and shits alot, tell me about it tommy il post a pic of before lucas to see if im any happier in it
  3. hiya pal how you keeping? Good aye - kept too busy these days to post on here! And you? Hows the pregnancy coming on?! yeah good mate, we arnt together but keeping it cival for the wee yin sake not long now
  4. Tardddyyyy

  5. i will make sure my brother doesnt get married that day so i can have a few on the 19th with ya
  6. The exact words that I thought of - sex pest. Jardy - CJ posted a pic and got a mild ripping, bluen0se didnt get the 'its for good' 'no its permanent thing' and the whooshing after, and CraigRFC got banned. cool
  7. what rippings have i missed out on, i caught the start of the whole whoooosshhh thing, what we saying about cj?
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