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  1. still critically ill next 24 hours are vital, serious stuff still
  2. totally transformed then shape of the game when he came on, i was absolutely baffled when i heard before the match
  3. and yet images like this will not get any mention on reporting scotland the morn
  4. im hoping for a lot out of kenny this season but if he does decide to go we have the cover
  5. F.A.O the package............a leathal injection would be a blessing for you cause lets be fair you jump like a dick
  6. really didnt think much of his performance today to be honest
  7. Liverpool will take him sniff sniff
  8. the lad has been so frustrating to watch this season, my pals keep telling me his problem is he tries too hard if that makes sense but how much longer do we give him time before enough is enough, my patience is wearing very thin
  9. looking back to the 9iar side there were many, goram, mccall, mccoist, laudrup, but as a lad it was gazza who made the biggest impact on me as a rangers player growing up the style and speed that saw him ease past many a defender was fantastic to see week in week out
  10. The best celebration I heard about yesterday was one of the lads doing a Robbie keane-esk rolly polly and the guns to follow, anyone else do this?
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