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  1. Happy days - now lets hope the SFA and SPL don't ruin what is the best outcome for all parties
  2. Bobby Sands, Gerry Adams, martin McGuiness, Bertie Ahern, Martin O'Neill, Fergus McCann, Paul McStay, John Reid, Pope Benedict...your boys took a hell of a beating. You are shite f*nian filth and we are the people!
  3. This phone in shows why friendlies are a waste of time - what a load of shite
  4. This is the worst phone in I've ever heard. Radio 3 is better And the shipping forecast for tomorrow is.........
  5. He supports Rangers. Was in manchester. Listening to the guy - i'm embarassed he has any association with the club. He's a 24 carat fud. I repeat - scum
  6. The guy that booed says he is a Rangers fan - he booed to noise people up. What a fanny
  7. Funny there - this Tartan Terrier fanny that was going to explain why anyone was booing has asked them to call them back as he's no credit in his phone. Scum Now there's some tim on trying to say that the Celtic players being booed by the NI fans was worse than the anthms being booed - Fenians have no bottom level
  8. Yep that's all that's going plus a bit about last night's game and how shite we looked. Nothing earth shattering at all No transfer rumours then? Nothing so far. Be interestign to see if they say aything. Some wank stain coming on in a minute to tell the nation why he bo'd last night - fudge nudger
  9. Yep that's all that's going plus a bit about last night's game and how shite we looked. Nothing earth shattering at all
  10. RR is ridiculous tonight. Do away with national anthems!! What a stupid idea - guys are honoured for playing for their country. That would be horrendous to take that away. Also Roughie saying the people who boo wont chnge so why speak about it. Didn't see him taking the same stance when we were getting pelters for singing TBB
  11. Who's this wee taig that's on just now. Wee fenian - the guy's talkign at 300 mph - gadgee bastard
  12. Great points by Edgar. Murray has made out as if he's the only one who's put into Rangers, but hasm't been the only one to fork out for the club in recent years
  13. Spot on Edgar Don't complain about how difficult your job is if you wont tell us the facts.
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