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  1. Tonight showed more than ever the need for a bit of class to partner Jela up front. he must be goign spare havign to creat chances only for Naismith to make a bell end of them. We cost ourselves by penny pinching on Miller who again could have odne the job tonight but in hte long term goodie would be a great option for us. Either way, we need someone up fornt now as we were awful tonight and on saturday
  2. Yes - the fact we are trying to get the best possible deal for our club rather than paying the sellign club's full valuation for their player is a clear indication that we have no money. I do despair at the thought process of some of our fans! We have had exactly the same scenario in season's past - e.g Jelavic and Sebo transfers as does every other club when they are pursuing players so for you to say that this shows we have no money is nonsense. It simply shows that we are looking to spend what we have wisely and that is surely no bad thing?
  3. We do need players but I have no worries about losing out on Hemed, Conway or Danns who clearly let their wallet rule their career. Ally, Gordon Smith and Whyte are all towing the same line in saying that they want players to come here because they have the ambition to be winners and want to play at the very top level, which is the CL and not the Championship. The club accepts that they do not have the financial prowess to compete with the Premiership when it ocmes to transfer fees or salaries and this has been the case for years now. It is now becoming the case too that the Championship is a
  5. I really hope this isn't the case. It also seems madness as we would be back in the position we are in just now with him in looking to try and tie him into another deal before the start of the next campaign. He is one player I owuld like to see on a long term deal. The guy bleeds blue and we shoudl be lookign to build the next generation of our team around players like Davis
  6. Bollocks - name me one that is both better and cheaper?
  7. I'd agree with you on this if it wasn't for Romanov being the chairman at Hearts. I think he would rather hold Wallce at Hearts, freeze hom out of the team then let him leave at the end of next seasonrather than sell him for less than he valued him at. This isn't a guy known for his reasonableness so I think we may have a battle on our hands to get him for a reasonable price
  8. Whittaker clearly has his sights on bigger money at a lesser club. That being the case I htink there is a danger if we were to keep him and run his contract down that we wouldn;t be giving us 100%. I agree that if we are ot sell both him and Boogie we shoudl be holding out for top money with £2 million being ideal price and there being precedent at that sum with Thomson (Wilson is different as he was under 24). That said, if we were to get say £1.5 million bids for each of them in the near future I owuld be tempted to cash in on them so that there is sufficient time during this window for us t
  9. yet another gutter rat journalist trying to make a name for homself on a slow news day
  10. Wallace is a decent player, although does this mean that there are concerns over Whittaker signing a new deal and possibly moving over to kebab-land? Wallace is a solid defender with good experience for his age. Certinly the type of player who will get better with us.
  11. WELL SAID! Do you think Lafferty will be a Ger on September 1st? I think he will be, purely on the basis that I don't think anyone will offer us anythign for him and also because I think Laff wants to stay and prove himself. Ido however thinkg that the management team do not yet have the ocnfidence in him hence the search for another striker
  12. Can you imagine being Riachrd Foster right now. A month ago he was celebrating winning the league with us, evryone all full of happiness, getting end of season bonuses, going on holiday for a bit and goign to meet back at Murray Park in a few weeks to start another title defence, push for number 55 and get set for a Eurpoean campain. Not Ricky though. No, he's back up north to that sheep-molesting hell hole. Getting ready to start pre-season training with that big nose-bleed inducing aim of maybe making the top 6 by the time April 2012 comes round, seeing the best of his fellow colleagues le
  13. Give them Fleck for keeps as he was rank all of last season. Fleck plus £1 million owuld be ideal for me
  14. Spot on! One minute it's "I want to play in the champions league and let McCoist develop me as a player", the next it is "actually fuck it, I'll take the big money and sunshine in the relegation dogfight". Not the sort of player I want to see in the light blue
  15. What we have to bear in mind is that these are odd-numbered years meaning that following the end of domestic football there is no major tournament to report on an dto fill a month befor ethe footy re-starts. This unfortunately results in the gutter rats that are Scottish sport journalists having very little to spend their time working. Therefore, being in fear of being picked by the editor to cover a novelty news story such as hamster olympics or something equally ridiculous these guys have to try and pull stories out of anything they can. This in turn means that any whiff of rumour about in
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