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    Mo Edu

    Listen to the fuckign misery oozing out tonight. FFS - we're champions. I thought Edu had a good game tonight- he looked hungry as fuck, fighting for every ball and put himself all over the park. it was by no means flawless but he certainly played with heart and put himself about tonight
  2. I'm looking for tickets for both games having just managed to get time off for both. if anyone has tickets for wither pls let me know by PM or posting in here and I will guarantee to take them off your hands Cheers
  3. Not that I expect there ot be any spares, but if anyone does have one goign I'd be delighted to take it off their hands
  4. if thats the case why would the not just keep him here for another season then get him on a free at the end of next season instead of spending money on him ?. They wouldn't get him for free as he is under 24 - we would therefore be entitled to something if he did move on
  5. What a clown - funny as fuck tho
  6. I'd never want to see us give a banner to a player who was leaving - unless they were hanging up their boots. If Boyd is leaving he thinks he is bigger than the club and anyone with that attitude deserves no send off at all
  7. They are just a lower class of people - gutter rats
  8. Smith for me - I can't believe anyone went for SDM. I'd happily see him hung from the flagpole
  9. Stephen Thompson is as irritating as a dose of crabs. He know fuck all about football and is running a shitey wee club who would bite our hands off if we dangled any sort of cash their way. Clbs like his think they have the upper hand now that we're not as flush, but truth be told they are struggling more as us as they were reliant on the days where we paid over the top for their best players
  10. Smith is spot on in what he is saying and it's a message to both the current board and to any potential buyers. That message is to get us bought now while we have a squad and management team otherwise they will be buying a shell and Smith, who is a fan 1st and manager 2nd wants that as much as any of us
  11. This is good info for me - not going there on Sun but moving to Leith in a couple of months. Need to find a good blue nose bar there
  12. They'll be there - lets get it right in to them and hopefully help their slide into 3rd this season
  13. Cheers for the responses. I've tried contacting them with no success as yet - would highlight this to anyone who is on the site as I'm £20 out of pocket with no goods delivered
  14. Hi all A couple of weeks ago someone posted a thread about a site called Spirit of 72 (thespiritof72.com). After having a look on the site I purchased a polo shirt a couple of weeks ago after being very impressed with the stock displayed on the site. I have however not received this and the money has been paid over to them. From the thread I think a few members have made purchases from this site and were happy with the service provided but I am becoming very concerned about my purchase and despite emailing the site I have heard nothing further since making my payment. I'm therefore puting this
  15. I felt sorry for Little being chucked in tonight against a couple of boot boys in the United defence i Dods and Kenneth. It was never a game for playing him in and all the bollocks in this thread judging him on 1 performacne and saying he should be binned is shite. FFS it was 1 defeat tonight. Yes the treble is off, but the double will be here in a few weeks so get the fucking toys back in the pram
  16. Lovenkrands winner in the Cup final a few years ago. I was watching it with my Tim flatmate and he was actually greeting about it. He was greeting even more after getting the Billy Boys sung at him all night afterwards.
  17. It really depends how high level a diligence exercise it is and how many bodies are thrown at it. I assume big legal and accountancy firms will be brought in and given a set period by Ellis to complete their diligence. If they've got tens of professionals working round the clock then it can probably get done in a couple of weeks. yes - exactly. Rest assured legal teams will be working seriously long hours to make any deal go through and having done part of my traineeship in a corporate law department which did a few big takeovers. there is shit loads to do, especially when the company bei
  18. Reading this article and thinking generally I'm staying open minded about Ellis' plans. It may well be the case that he's now matured from his previous forays into club ownership and the opportunity to buy a club of our stature is too good to miss out on for him. He may even be looking at us as a short$ to mid-term purchase and if he is able to stabilise us debt-wise and maintain success on the field he could make a bit of money out of us - making it a mutually beneficial move all round. The bottom line for me though is that we don't really have too many options (if any others at all) and El
  19. whytes3


    Take the tart to the match and start her birthday off well
  20. Not one for an impulse purchase normally but I just bought one of the polo shirts within 5 mins of seeing this thread!
  21. Excellent - hit back at the shite that call themselves journalists
  23. Hope he's not injured but at least if he is, we now have Edu coming back into full fitness.
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