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  1. Exactly man. Europe is great, but it is always just a bonus with our budget. I somewhat feel Gerrard tells the players that, which is why we play such an open game and score and concede loads of goals in Europe. Saying this though, I always go into the games with the just enjoy it attitude and then I usually punch shit when we concede a goal.
  2. I would go with Patty-Nats Patty-Nats Patty-Nats. Patty-Nats Patty-Nats. Patty-Nats. Patty-Nats Patty-Nats. patty-nats. Patty-Nats Patty-Nats
  3. Their keeper is mince. Get Hagi on the ball and tell him to shoot from everywhere.
  4. We are Champions now. Fuck the mathematicians.
  5. Personally I think we got rid of the wrong player from Osijek. Gredza should have stayed. Now my car is mhanky as fuck 😔
  6. Kamara deserves so many more votes. He is the touch of class that wins leagues. Goldson, Tav etc. Have had a couple of off weeks. I can't think of a single game Kamara has not played well.
  7. He was the exact same in the first leg. He was exctatic when they scored. I am not one who complains about commentators at all, but he is the worst I have ever heard. I had to turn off the volume.
  8. We are going to get Benfica again in the last 16 and it will finish 14-13 on aggregate
  9. What the fuck did we just watch. Never seen such a shit team score 3 past us in Europe.
  10. Ferguson petitioned for Goram to get one and he did.
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