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  1. How can we be one point off second if Sparta have 4 points 🤔
  2. We used to be good to watch in Europe, even when we were poor domestically. I have no idea what happened over the summer. We need at least one player to step up and be an 8 or 9 out of 10 each week. Right now we have no one
  3. Roofe is absolute class. Really hope he can stay fit for a few months straight
  4. Wright, Kent and Sakala up front is what we need. Morelos slows play down too much and isn't scoring, so should not be in the team.
  5. How could anyone think that is Barasic fault. Davies needs to track the runner
  6. Got found guilty. Not a chance in hell they can play a guy just found guilt of beating his lady
  7. Just think about all that giro money they put on them to win when they heard about our Covid outbreak. Wee Brendan and Siobhan are getting Donnay trainers for Christmas
  8. Glad his mum met Alan that night in Hammy Palace.
  9. Thought the ref was great today as a side note. Got very few decisions wrong and handled everything well. Made it a much more enjoyable game than the usual pish refereeing. Balogun was better though
  10. Aribo is playing in a really strange position. He is basically right wing leaving 2 in the middle who are struggling. He needs to come inside and let Balogun play rwb.
  11. Who shoots down someone for suggesting a player 99% of have never heard of 😂
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