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  1. Only 81 more pages to go. How fast can we get there?
  2. I have been absolutely convinced that a Rangers player would go on to play for a Barca, Madrid type twice. Once was John Fleck, the second is Hagi. I can't be wrong twice.
  3. To be honest, I was hoping they won. A title challenge would be better than this. Ahahahhhaahahahahahha, fuck you celtic
  4. Not sure if mentioned, but my favourite season, Hemdani against Lyon away and Mcgergor against Werder Bremen. Both outstanding.
  5. Anyone see the score go to Ross County 0 Rangers -1 there? Never seen that before.
  6. Kiernan needs to be booted in the summer and we need to try and get Zelalem back. He works harder he will be the best CM in the country.
  7. Lol, shut up. Do you understand the level of players we currently have? No one in our current squad was or would currently be, if they left, in the championship team of the year. You can argue his personality means we should steer clear but he is clearly better than what we have.
  8. We wanted a John Eustace and we got a better version. Great business.
  9. I have never seen that picture of Kenny going to punch someone. Didn't know he had it in him.
  10. lol, pretending you haven't read the other posts then making the same pint, typical Marky. "RMs Official Scout" made me laugh out loud.
  11. I thought it was suspicious and then I checked out his wiki page: "The Warburtons brand is the most popular bread in the United Kingdom, ahead of rivals Kingsmill and Hovis, a position it has held since 2008.[6] Overall, Warburtons products are the second-best selling food and drink brand in the UK after Coca-Cola[4] and ahead of famous British brands such as Cadbury's, Barrs and Walker's." Bastard wants to keep second place.
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