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  1. This is really pissing me off them talking about rules changing when they were away. It is a fuck*ng pandemic. 10s of thousands of people who went on holiday and then the travel corridors shut didn't claim it was an agenda. Thousands of Aussies who went away on holiday and then they imposed quotas on entrants literally can't go home at the moment. It is a pandemic you wanks. Of course rules change all the time. They are fucking clowns. During the biggest crisis since devolution they think the government is thinking about messing with celtic. Shut the fuck up you clown
  2. Only 81 more pages to go. How fast can we get there?
  3. I have been absolutely convinced that a Rangers player would go on to play for a Barca, Madrid type twice. Once was John Fleck, the second is Hagi. I can't be wrong twice.
  4. To be honest, I was hoping they won. A title challenge would be better than this. Ahahahhhaahahahahahha, fuck you celtic
  5. Not sure if mentioned, but my favourite season, Hemdani against Lyon away and Mcgergor against Werder Bremen. Both outstanding.
  6. Anyone see the score go to Ross County 0 Rangers -1 there? Never seen that before.
  7. I am a doctor. It relates to evolution. Historically, we broke legs much more than we damaged ligaments, so we evolved to heal them quicker. Most people don't realise that if you break your own fingers, for example, they will actually work better when they heal.
  8. Horny just needs a couple of goals and he will be back in contention for a starting berth.
  9. I still think Barry is our best player, he can do things no-one else in the team can. He just needs the confidence and is only going to get that by playing. If MOH and Bazza are on the wings with Miller coming on for Barry if he is having a shite game that would be ideal. It is amazing how quickly people forget howgood Mckay can be.
  10. Tav was exceptional Jordan was 8/10 Wallace looked more himself Andy Halliday got to live our dream 1 more time
  11. He made 1 save that, maybe, some keepers wouldn't have, but the majority would. Folk want to like him because he looks like a gk.
  12. In the OT sure, but I am 100% honest in here. He does something nearly every game which makes me cringe. It is a matter of time till it costs us. I have no faith in him anymore.
  13. Calamity Wes will cost us multiple points this year and his saves were standard.
  14. Halliday, Kiernan and Wes are shite. That is the real problem.
  15. worst ratings I have ever seEn on here.
  16. Worst defender we have had since Karl Svensson.
  17. Rossiter and forrester were our only decent players today. Barry needs Wallace on form.
  18. Anyone who pre writes a official match thread should be banned.
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